10 Best Things You Didn’t Know About Titan spray gun parts

A Titan spray gun is a wonderful painting tool to have at your disposal. It offers outstanding performance and has a compact design that makes it a breeze to use. Even so, you should know more about its parts before using one. Here are the top 10 facts that you didn’t know about Titan guns:

1 – Air speeds for Titan guns

Titan spray gun parts come with different air speeds. This also helps if ever want any combining different speeds because then all your worries about not enough pigment will be gone. The chart also helps if you ever want to do any paint mixing that requires more than one speed.

2 – Trigger and fluid settings

Titan spray gun parts come with a trigger, which you can use to adjust the fluid setting. It may take you a few tries before you get it just right, but practice makes perfect no matter what type of work you want to do. The spray pattern is also helpful for this because it helps prevent over spraying.

3 – About the trigger

Titan spray gun parts come with a trigger that lets you control the amount of fluid that comes out when in use, but it can also help prevent accidents if you know how to work it properly. Holding the trigger down when not using the gun will prevent any accidents or paint splattering on other surfaces while you’re working.

4 – Over spray and other issues

Titan spray gun parts also come with an over spray shield that helps contain the paint in a small area by producing a mist or fog. As previously mentioned, this is helpful if you want to prevent any accidents such as spraying other people, but it can also help you with your work.

5 – Different Titan spray gun parts sizes

titan spray gun parts is known for its hard working yet compact design, but this also means that they come in different size models. You may want to buy the whole set if you plan on using more than one type of paint or if you will need multiple speeds, because you can purchase these as a set.

6 – Care and cleaning of Titan spray gun parts

Caring for your titan spray gun parts starts with making sure that you keep it clean at all times. Don’t forget to clean the filter, both inside and out. You should also check the orifice from time to time because this may require changing, depending on what you use your gun for. Also avoid getting paint inside the inside of the tube if possible.

7 – Watch how much paint you apply

The Titan spray gun is great at giving you total control over just how much paint gets applied to different surfaces, but only if it’s used correctly. If you want to prevent any accidents, it helps to limit the amount of paint you put on your brush or roller before applying it.

8 – About the Titan spray gun tips

Titan spray gun parts come with different tips, so you may want to purchase several of them if you plan on using more than one type of paint. It also makes sense to purchase a few different tips if you plan on creating your own mix.

9 – The circumference of the spray circumference

Spend time learning more about your Titan gun parts, such as the type and size of the air speed and how it’s changed by the trigger. You also need to find out how much paint is applied with every spray, so look for one that has a circumference of at least four inches.

10 – Titan uses high-quality paint

You may want to try different types of paints on your titan spray gun parts, but it’s best to stick with one made by the company itself. They only manufacture the best quality paint and other supplies for their gun parts.

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