10 tips and ideas to help you create social media content

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The creation of content for social media networks is an important task after drafting the social media strategy. Marketing RS often shows that this is not an easy task.

To attract your target audience, position a brand, create trust, engagement, and position a company, content is essential in digital and social media strategies. You may need a digital specialist to do all these steps correctly.

  • Select the day, time, and right place to feel calm and inspired.
  • Decide when and how often you want to post. Start by using common sense until your audience provides data and statistics.
  • You don’t need to create all the content. Instead, curate content from other sources and use them to share.

These are the 10 best tips:

1. list of topics you can publish

It is a good idea to create a list (Brainstorm) on topics you think are important for the members of your social group. Use the same keywords or categories on your website or blog.

2. Provide product and service information

Give basic information about how to use your product or service. Make tutorials about the steps to use the product or service …, with careful content.

3. Get the latest news and updates about your market by sharing it

News, interviews, statistics, and information sharing about the market niche where you participate and reference sites that are relevant to your industry and business.

4. Visual content is a good idea

Use visual formats such as photos and videos. You should use quality content in the right formats for each social media platform. You can write a short text, but you should always accompany it with a high-quality photo or image.

5. Ask your readers to use hashtags

In your publication’s text content, use one to two # hashtags that are related to your topic. Encourage dialogue and participation by asking questions with common sense. Your followers are smarter than you so don’t be too silly.

6. Get expert advice

It is a good idea to share information about the industry or business you are a part of on social media. This will allow you to position yourself as an expert and will also give them valuable content that will encourage them to return to your profile. Set up consultations and let people know the date, time, and who will answer questions.

7. Make giveaways and contests

Marketing actions that are based on thematic contests and raffles. Make use of and take advantage of famous dates and anniversaries. It doesn’t matter if you raffle huge prizes. You can also use your products and services, or a small sample. This is a great way to increase engagement while also increasing your prospects.

8. Inspire and entertain your audience

This resource is a great way to get people to accept the brand. People will be moved by what makes them laugh. Make sure that you have humorous or inspiring publications that are related to your business theme. Also, make sure to use them on a particular day.

9. Your business and your employees should be well-informed

You can also share your products and introduce people who help you each day to move your company forward. Share photos of employees, collaborators, and other people that are related to your company. Online and offline, share events about your business. Describe your marketing difference and let satisfied customers and other users know about it.

10. Variation in content and another

Use original images whenever possible with creative commons or free rights. Varies the content, for example, photos and images should be 80%, videos 10%, and text and link 10%. To help your followers get feedback and actions, use CTAs (calls-to-action) in your posts.

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