11 Best Clothing Apps For Shopping

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A growing percentage of transactions are being made via mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, in recent years. This explains why large trading platforms are becoming increasingly interested in developing and promoting their own mobile clothing apps, because they can use them to retain existing customers while also attracting new ones by offering special features that were previously unavailable in standard browser versions of the apps. Read more about Kinemaster Mod Apk.

With the advent of wearable devices, mobile shopping applications have evolved into more than just traditional virtual shops. They are now acquiring social capabilities, giving unique discounts, and generating purchasing suggestions based on the habits and behaviour of its users.

Every application for mobile shopping is typically made available for three platforms that are now in use: Android, iOS, and Windows Phone (as of this writing) (WP). Each of the 15 most popular programmes that allow you to shop at the world’s most renowned foreign online stores has been included below, along with a brief description of the features and helpful services that each application has to offer. 

1. AliExpress (AliExpress is a Chinese online retailer) (Android, iOS).

The largest retail platform in China has developed a mobile application that offers tens of millions of goods ranging from clothes to vehicle accessories to customers. It enables you to do all of the functions accessible in the desktop version on portable devices, as well as a few additional ones:

Search through the whole product line and browse through the catalogue;

make purchases and pay for them; acquire goods and services;

Adding items to shopping carts is a good idea.

Share your purchases on social media sites;

Orders are being tracked;

obtain technical assistance and participate in conflict resolution

An essential aspect of the application is that it allows you to receive a tiny additional discount as a result of using it. Scanning a specific QR code off the screen of a desktop computer or laptop is one method of accomplishing this. Although the reduction is usually fairly minor, the fact that such a chance exists is quite appealing.

Amazon is the second option (Android, iOS, WP).

The worldwide online hypermarket, which has outlets in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and a number of other countries, has also acquired its own mobile purchasing application. Standard procedures such as searching, selecting, paying for, and evaluating items from a comprehensive catalogue, which includes anything from shoes to electronics, are made possible through the use of this application. In addition, the programme contains a number of additional valuable features that distinguish it from other similar applications:

You can scan barcodes and take photographs of items in normal stores in order to search for them on Amazon and compare prices; you can scan barcodes and take pictures of products in regular stores in order to search for them on Amazon and compare prices;

In addition, users of the mobile application get access to real-time information regarding discounts of the day and special deals that are only available for a limited time;

There is the option of using voice search and order management to find information (for example, you can get information about the status of the parcel through a voice command).

Asos (www.asos.com) ( Android , iOS ).

The mobile shopping experience provided by the British youth fashion retailer is the most convenient option for customers to purchase from nearly anywhere. It is possible for young people to order relevant and trendy things using a smartphone application in a variety of settings, including subways, cafés, bars, theatres, music venues, fitness clubs, offices, and auditoriums. Some of the other major features of the Asos mobile application are as follows:

Receive updates about deals and special offers – the possibility to receive notifications about sales and special offers Discounts on attractive things are no longer as difficult to come by;

You may share your Asos purchases with friends and ask for their recommendations on social media platforms.

The Asos mobile app has the unique feature of displaying a video showing how the item sits on the model, which is also accessible on the website.

Among the disadvantages, it should be noted that the application has not yet been translated into Russian, which is a shame.

Fourth, it’s BangGood ( Android , iOS ).

This mobile application is owned by a Chinese one-stop online store that specialises in low-cost mobile phone accessories, radio-controlled toys, apparel, office supplies, and other household items. Buyers will be able to do the following with the application:

Look for the best product and read customer reviews about it;

Always keep an eye out for current specials and discounts;

intriguing offerings should be saved as “favourites”

PayPal allows you to make purchases and pay for them.

There are other features such as the ability to track the status of an order and the opportunity to request guidance from a customer care representative accessible in the BangGood application.

Customers are generally pleased with the programme, while some would like a tablet-specific version that displays information in a landscape manner.

DealExtreme is the fifth option (Android, iOS).

Mobile shopping is also available at another well-known Chinese online store that sells hundreds of essential things at affordable costs and that caters to clients who want to purchase on the go. Purchases made through the DealExtreme programme can be made for any item in the store’s range of products, which includes intriguing gadgets, automobile accessories, hobbies, casual apparel, and sporting equipment. The following are some of the most popular features of the DX.com app:

the capacity to be notified of any special deals made by the shop at all times;

the user must search for the necessary goods using the search bar and the catalogue (although many users have complained that the search is not done in the most effective manner);

mobile payments (including PayPal) for purchases made straight from a mobile device

Maintain control of your favourites list.

DHGate is the sixth option (Android, iOS).

The DHGate platform offers a conventional range of product categories seen in other Chinese online retailers, including health and beauty items, jewellery, children’s products, and portable devices. And all of this can be obtained by just possessing a smartphone or tablet with a proprietary programme loaded on it, which allows you to do the following:

make purchases both individually and in groups;

receive updates about discounts and have the opportunity to enter a coupon lottery;

check out customer reviews of vendors and their products

There are many different methods to pay (including via WebMoney and Qiwi).

Overall, the mobile application performs all of the operations that the ordinary customer is accustomed to while exploring DHGate on a desktop computer, saving him time and money.

eBay is the seventh option (Android, iOS, WP).

Despite being one of the founding fathers of internet commerce, the American eBay auction couldn’t keep up with the current technological advancements in online purchasing and is now able to provide its regulars with a mobile application of their own. Among the functions that are supported are the following:

having the capacity to take part in auctions in its entirety, including bidding, bargaining for reductions, making quick purchases, and exchanging messages with the vendor;

You can scan barcodes in shops and look for a similar product on eBay; you can scan barcodes in stores and look for a similar product on eBay;

Using the mobile application, you may arrange notifications so that you only receive the information that you need to know.

Sellers will like the fact that the function of placing their items up for sale is readily available at all times;

Users from Russia will appreciate the fact that the UI is available in their own language.

Etsy is the eighth option (Android, iOS).

A well-known global platform for the selling and acquisition of one-of-a-kind handcrafted things (handmade) has developed a special mobile application for its customers that allows them to do the following:

browse through the goods in the catalogue

buyers can ask inquiries of vendors and obtain responses from them.

obtain recommendations based on your interests; receive personalised recommendations;

Google Wallet and PayPal are two options for making purchases and paying for them.

obey the rules of the game

A unique present for a celebration, becoming the proud owner of an uncommon décor, or outfitting your house in a unique way is no longer an issue with the Etsy mobile app.

Etsy provides a separate application for merchants called Sell on Etsy that allows them to sell their products ( Android , iOS ).

FastTech (number nine) ( Android ).

The electrical components and gadgets retailer located in Hong Kong has developed its own concept of mobile shopping. The FastTech application places a strong focus on delivering timely and expert help to users. Among the most important are:

capability of reading barcodes on purchased items in order to make requests to the technical service in a timely manner

a tool for photographing flaws in the items that have been delivered and transmitting the photographs to the store’s support service for the purpose of processing a return

If the shop has any communications or offers for you, you will receive fast updates.

Aside from that, all of the normal operations of such applications are supported: search, seeing product characteristics, checking out and making payments for purchases, and order tracking, among other things

However, many users of the programme have expressed disappointment at the lack of a Russian translation of the application.

iHerb is ranked tenth (Android, iOS).

It has built its own mobile application, which allows clients to do a variety of things, including:

save the history of your purchases and search queries, which will allow you to rapidly place repeat orders in the future without having to do a lengthy search;

detailed information on the items being examined, including photographs of the package and composition, as well as information on storage conditions

Get personalised product suggestions from iHerb based on what you’ve already purchased and what’s been highly rated in the reviews;

In addition, purchases made through the iHerb mobile app will contribute towards the rewards programme if your friends purchase something after hearing about it from you.

Gilt (number 11) (Android, iOS).

Using a smartphone application from one of the most well-known private shopping clubs in the United States, you may purchase clothing and accessories from pricey, prestigious brands at substantial savings. It also strives to assist clients in the following ways:

Make sure you’re continually informed of current sales, since information about them is updated virtually every day;

Furthermore, in addition to normal deals, mobile users may take advantage of unique offers that are just available to them.

receive notification of fresh arrivals as soon as they occur

Missing out on a desired sale or a long-awaited discount will be much more difficult to achieve with the Gilt mobile application.

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