2K and 3K paint application with EcoDose

Automated Paint System India

In the automotive industry, Dürr’s Automated Paint System India has become a pioneer in the planning and execution of paint shops. It provides solutions for a wide array of aspects, such as innovative oven-heating methods and pretreatment with electrocoating with the help of application technology, robots, and modern spray booth concepts.

Dürr’s Automated Paint System India has ample experience and expertise, which assures a combined approach to greenfield new-build production lines and brownfield modernization of existing factories. The development of paint shop processes and products minimizes unit costs, enhances quality, and reduces energy consumption.

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The paint supply systems built by Dürr fulfill every concern regarding the areas where highly reproducible application and accurate coating thickness are required. The product packages created by the company comprise several automatic piggable non-standard paint supply systems with minimal loss of purging and paint agent, quick color change times, and different variants of the traditional circulating pipe system.

Dürr Paint Systems also provide complete color mix rooms where anti-corrosive paintings, water-borne and solvent paints are produced to ensure the application of different coats.

The company has developed sophisticated and versatile products for paint application and supply, like valves, pressure gauges, pumps and color changers, agitators, pressure controllers, pressure tanks, hoses, and filters.

Dürr EcoDose

Created by Dürr, the Eco Dose 2K and 3K units electronic dosing systems assist in high and low-pressure applications. They can be used in automatic and manual processes. These dosing systems contribute to higher efficiency, improve resource utilization, and are enhanced for easy flushing and quick color changes.

Media with different viscosities and fluids like clear coats, monolayer paints, 1, 2, or 3K materials, topcoats, water, and solvent-based paints are accurately and systematically measured.

Benefits of EcoDose

  • Volume controls automatic color change
  • Gear flowmeter or Coriolis measure flow rate
  • The start-up procedure is smooth
  • High process dependability or trust
  • No premixing chamber is required when there are independent flushing circuits for both components
  • Quick programming of individual settings is initiated with the help of an intuitive user interface
  • Accuracy of high and constant mixing ratio
  • Dosing functions like catalyst ratio, components A & B with dedicated alarm, and pot life are monitored
  • The correct volume controls the dosing of both components

In the field of paint and application systems, Dürr’s Automated Paint System India has been offering classroom and on-the-job training to customers at its training center. With their comprehensive expertise and knowledge in the automation industry,  Dürr helps save resources and enhance efficiency in many industries.

To acknowledge the potential for optimization, the company built the Eco+Paintshop. What’s more, Dürrhas have been able to lower energy consumption in paint processes by over 60%.

By taking into consideration individual needs, Dürr can now supply tailor-made solutions that fulfill customer needs perfectly.In the automotive industry, for achieving high levels of flexibility, the concept of the paint shop breaks free from the traditional layout and introduces a modular concept.

Thus, Dürr follows the five pillars that form the foundations for the paint shop where paint application is done. They are as follows:

  • Innovation– Up-to-date technologies for remarkable developments
  • Flexibility– Pliant concepts for all production capacities, applications, and challenges
  • Sustainability– For resource-efficient production, environmentally friendly designed products and processes are made by Dürr

Quality and service

Throughout the entire life cycle of the paint shop, outstanding customer satisfaction is achieved with global support and services

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