3 Ways to Promote Your Blog in 2022

3 Ways to Promote Your Blog in 2022

3 Ways to Promote Your Blog in 2022

Are you seeking the 3 ways to promote your blog in 2022? Here are some of the tips that will help you in achieving your goals. As there is intense competition in the market and with each passing day, many new bloggers are trying their luck to establish a career in blogging. So, it becomes hard for an individual to make an identity among peers in such fierce competition. Therefore, he has to do something astonishing and unique to make his presence in the blogger’s market. For that to happen, an individual must promote his blog. That’s why we are here for your guidance to share with you the best 3 ways to promote your blog in 2022.

Here are the top 3 ways to promote your blog of any nature such as technology blog, fashion blog, and any other niche blog in 2022.

1) E-mail promotion:

A recent survey conducted in the U.S concludes that in 2023, the number of e-mails per day will increase to 347.3 billion. You heard it right. In fact, in 2022, it stands at 333.2 billion per day. So, it would help if you made the e-mail for your blog’s promotion. As 60% of the users subscribe to a brand’s e-mail, they expect to receive promotional branding through it.

2) Select social media platforms for the promotion of your blogs:

There are a number of social media platforms, and it is not stopping yet. Every day, new social media platform enters the market and gain popularity among people. First of all, you need to understand the interest of different age groups in a specific social media platform. After that, keep in mind how many users/traffics social media attract daily. For your guidance, we are sharing with you a data graph to know about the age group and the number of users of a particular social media account.

The data is about the active users of different social media platforms as of the start of 2022.

Facebook 2.853 billion

YouTube 2.291 billion

WhatsApp 2 billion

Instagram 1.386 billion

Facebook messenger 1.3 billion

TikTok 1.2 billion

Twitter 397 million

Telegram 500 million

LinkedIn 300 million

You need to understand the niche as 67% of users of Instagram are young people. Similarly, 80% of Tiktok users are aged between 18-28. However, on the other hand, Facebook and Twitter are famous among professional people. Similarly, 90% of LinkedIn users are skilled and use it for professional purposes. So, for you, the best social media platforms to promote your blog in 2022 are LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

3) Build or join a social media group:

For every blogger, the best thing to do to promote their blog is to join or build a social media group. It helps you to get an identity. For example, you are an active analyst and have a deep interest in current affairs happening in the world. You have a great sense of foresightedness, and your pen never disappoints you. At the same time, you haven’t made your identity as a blogger of current affairs among the people. What will you do? The best thing you need to do is join a social media group on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram and share your observations with the group participants. After that, drag their attention towards your social media account and share some of your articles and blogs on your own page. Once you begin to receive the reactions and comments of the people, make a website and share the content on it. People will love to read your articles, and when they don’t find your blogs, they will access your website. 

(Note: Don’t forget to drop in the link to the website on your social media account. Also, advertise and promote your website link in different social media groups)

Bottom Line:

By following the above 3 ways, you will easily promote your blog in 2022.

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