4 Things to Avoid at a Party if You Are Throwing One

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Everyone looks forward to a party when invited, as long as there is no awkward social element associated with the event. It is the time to get drunk and dance as long as one wishes to do so. Therefore, to make a party memorable and enjoyable for the guests the host ought to take care of all the aspects of the party meticulously. Hosting a party can cause a lot of pressure which otherwise can turn into a memorable bash where everyone enjoys if one plans and implements it the right way. It is the host who has invited guests and it is their responsibility to cater to the needs of the guests in every way. A perfect party does not mean a lot of money has been spent for the event but it means that a lot of effort has gone into taking care of the minutest details of the event. Here is a list of party crimes that should definitely be avoided. 

  • Send the Invites in Time

Do not send the invites too late and do not send the invites too early is the golden rule for every party. An early invite might seem like a good idea for the party to invite people to the party but may cause them to forget about the event in course of time. Similarly, a late invite can be offensive and an inconvenience at the same time. Sending invites to people late and expecting them to change their plans that might have been devised earlier is too much to ask from them. Sending invites just in time is the key to having a party full of every guest that was invited.

  1. Do Not Offend the Guests in Any Way

Remember a party is supposed to be a pleasing memory for the guests and offending any guest at the event should be the last thing to happen at a party. Inviting people that have a history of confrontation with each other and creating an environment that is awkward and uncomfortable is definitely going to affect both parties. It is best to decide the guest list after consulting all these aspects. Not attending all the guests equally is another way of offending a guest. Catering to the needs of every guest equally is the secret to a perfect party.

  1. Not Calling Out an Unsocial Element

Normalizing bad manners of some guests at a party and accepting it without calling it out should be the last thing that a host should do. It is a lot of inconvenience for the other guests and if it is not called out in time to control it looks like encouragement by the host. Be very careful about any such occurrence. If someone goes berserk and out of control even at a cocktail making hen party which is supposed to be wild doesn’t mean all the limits have to be crossed. A harmless warning initially or telling them to leave in case they don’t listen should be done by the host.

  1. Planning a Seating Arrangement for All.

Inviting a lot of guests and not having enough space to sit can be rude. Never assume that keeping fewer seats than the projected number of guests is going to make your place look beautiful and attractive. Have enough seats for everyone to sit comfortably. It is very irritating for the guests to be invited over and then not have a place to sit.

A party is all about making the guests feel good at your place. Make them feel cozy and avoid anything that could offend them. Make the time memorable for everyone by putting in all possible efforts.

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By Michael Caine

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