5 Easy Ways to Remove Stains from Your Sofa in Sydney

cleaning Sofa in Sydney

It doesn’t take long for a sofa to get dirty. The natural result is dust and accidents are inevitable. In households with children and pets, it is even more difficult to keep the sofa clean. However, there are a few simple tips and tricks that will help you remove stains. The following handy tips will help you keep your carpet fresh longer.

Blotting Procedure

Keeping your sofa clean is just as important as when it’s new. A common misconception about carpet cleaning is that you need to use a lot of commercial products. People think that you need expensive, quality products to remove stains and keep the sofa clean. However, there are many homemade cleaning products and techniques that can remove stains. And one of the most effective methods of removing stains is dabbing. If you rub instead of wiping, you are pushing the stain deeper into the fibers. Dabbing, however, is an effective method of removing the stain. Dabbing must be done from the inside out of the stain or it will spread. To completely remove the stain, a solution of water and vinegar can be used.

Try removing the gum with ice.

Chewing gum is sticky, so it’s difficult to get it off the couch. You may have noticed that the gum gets harder if you drink cold water while chewing gum. By the same logic, it’s also possible to remove gum stuck to the couch. Couch connoisseurs also recommend freezing the gum with ice. The ice hardens the gum and makes removal easier. After removing the gum, use a vinegar spray to remove the sticky residue.

Cleaning with water and vinegar

Stains on walls can be removed with clean water and a little oil. This is especially true if the stain on the wall is fresh. Some ingredients can penetrate flat, painted surfaces and can be very labor-intensive if not removed immediately. If washing with freshwater doesn’t work, apply white vinegar directly to a cloth or sponge before removing the stain from the wall.

Make a cleaning plan

Regular cleaning of your sofa will help prevent small stains and dust. To remove light stains and dirt, regular steam cleaning from time to time is all you need. Steam cleaning will make your carpets and sofas look like new again. It is also important to vacuum your sofa, if possible every other day, especially if it is in an area where a lot of people come and go. Vacuuming will rid the sofa of dirt and dust and reduce the risk of walking deeply on it.

Apply shaving cream

Another simple method to remove stains from the sofa is to apply shaving cream. This method is simple and shaving cream can be found in most homes. Simply cover the entire stain with shaving cream and wait about 40 minutes for it to dry. After it dries, dab the cream with water and wipe the stain with a cloth. Then use a solution of vinegar and water to continue cleaning.

Try using dishwashing liquid.

Removing oil from a sofa is one of the most difficult stains. If the stain goes untreated for too long, it can become permanent or at least leave a faint shadow of a stain. The easiest way to remove oil stains is to use a common dishwashing liquid. This also works well for oils. Since it is not immediately absorbed by the sofa, there is enough time to wipe the stain with a cloth. In this situation, it is important to act quickly to completely remove the stain.

Sofas get stained no matter where they are in the house. If you find stains that can’t be removed with the methods mentioned above, call in a professional Sofa cleaning in Penrith. A professional cleaning will make your sofa look new again. Before you hire a professional, you should read up in detail on the company’s online reviews and pricing information.

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