5 Successful Custom cardboard boxes types for branding

Custom Cardboard Boxes

The marketing methods that we usually see in the market are quite expensive and are not affordable by everyone. However, proper branding of a company is perhaps the most important thing for its success. Multiple product companies are now using custom cardboard boxes for marketing purposes. Such a method is easily affordable for everyone and can have a direct impact on the buyers. The following lines will tell you about multiple such packaging types that can make a difference for a business.

Two-Piece Design

Out of all the different cardboard boxes, a two-piece design is one of the most popular for multiple reasons. It is easy to handle and is extremely lightweight. The best thing is that it gives all the desired durability, and the products will remain safe and protected for longer durations. In addition, the apparent outlook of these solutions can also be enhanced from a marketing point of view. The easiest way is to go with the color combinations that are per the nature of the commodities.

Remember, colors play an important role in our lives and can make or break the game for the enterprise. Therefore, it is a good idea to go with a combination of dark and dull shades as it will be according to the liking of a huge customer base. In short, packaging having a two-piece design can immediately impact the potential customers of your business.

Sleeve Packaging

The custom cardboard boxes are rich-featured and can make stronger impressions on the buyers. These are now also available with sleeves on the inner side. Such a style is beneficial for numerous reasons. First of all, it ensures the highest quality protection, and all the products remain in the original condition for longer durations. Such a durable nature will directly make an impression on the customers, and the branding of a company will be done in the best possible manner. Apart from sleeves and inner protection, another idea is to go with extra laminated sheets on the outside to increase the impact resistance of the boxes. Such options are perfectly suitable for products that are delicate and have chances of getting damaged easily.

Rectangular Six Corner

Cardboard packaging solutions are getting extremely popular in the market these days due to several reasons. Their beneficial nature is helpful in the branding of a company in more than one way. A rectangular six-corner box manufactured with cardboard material is a perfect option for different types of products. Its structure is extremely reliable for the safety of the commodities. As far as branding is concerned, one can take help from the available modern printing features. Printing on such a rectangular six-corner packaging can provide valuable information to the clients. One idea could be to display all the business details in a readable and colorful text. The options of high-definition images and meaningful illustrations are also on the table. The best way could be to go with a printed logo of your brand as it will help consider the customers.

Reverse Tuck End

Huge development in technology is helping the packaging companies in coming with new and improved designs all the time. Previously, people had to feel content on the same brown-colored options in simple shapes. Now, business owners can get custom cardboard boxes as per their choice and demands. The name of reverse tuck end style is making noise for all the positive reasons and is getting popular in the industry quickly.

More and more brands are now using such a style for their promotional needs. They go with the idea of having premium quality surface finishing options as these can increase the worth of the products to a greater extent. For example, matte or gloss UV finishing options can add a touch of class and elegance to the packaging. Such styles can highlight the significance of your brand in the market, and you will see a greater number of customers coming for your items.

Packaging with Window Fronts

Everyone knows that cardboard packaging solutions are getting more and more popular with each passing day. It is because they can directly help in the marketing of a brand due to its beneficial nature. The bonus is that these boxes can also have customized displays intending to make a stronger impression on the buyers. For example, some packaging solutions are now available with window-like transparent fronts to have a clear look inside. 

It is a good idea to go with a transparent front as it can add to the temptation of the customers and they will have a strong urge to do shopping from you. Furthermore, to make such a style more appealing and adorable, one can go with colorful ribbons on the edges. Such little actions can directly impact the liking of the customers, and they will surely leave appreciating feedback.

When it comes to a company’s branding, everything should be up to the mark, and no stones should be left unturned. The same goes for your packaging solutions, as these should have the capacity to make a stronger and lasting impression on potential clients. If you are convinced with some features mentioned above, waste no more time and quickly get in touch with some vendors. Go with the suppliers that are offering wholesale cardboard boxes, as it will help you save a significant amount of money.

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