5 Ways to Grab Your Clients Attention with Food Box


If you are an owner of a food business and want to instantly grab customer attention towards your products, check out these interesting ways. Your food packaging is a wonderful medium that makes you interact better with your customers. It protects your food, gives it an appealing display, and makes your brand more presentable in the crowd. Due to all these features, food businesses are focusing more on the ways to design their packages better, instead of spending money on other promotional tactics. Custom printing plays a prominent role in making your food box aesthetic appealing. You can work on hundreds of options to create the right mix of graphics, fonts, colors, printing, and other design elements. Below we are going to discuss some of the ways to grab the attention of customers through custom food boxes:

Add Transparency:

Transparency is linked to honesty that you add to your dealing for earning the customers’ trust. Adding this factor to design your food boxes enhances the productivity of your business. For this, some manufacturers use a PVC windowpane while others go for introducing an attractive die-cut pattern to make your packaging look amazing. It can be of any shape, size, and design. Square-shaped windows are common when it comes to bakery packaging. However, you may work on several interesting ideas to create a unique appeal. It facilitates the customers to look at what is present inside the box without even opening the seal of the package. It provides a good opportunity to the businesses to tempt the customers by providing an appetizing display. In return, you can win their satisfaction and trust in your business.

Go with Simplicity:

Simple packaging designs tell the customers about the quality and grace of your products. Although some businesses consider it an approach to reduce attraction it is not the case. Being minimalistic, you can easily remove the complexity and distraction from your food packaging. It makes sure that the design and the shape of the box are not complex and user-friendly so that the customers can handle it easily. The food boxes designed elegantly and sophisticatedly help in grabbing the attention of a large audience in short intervals.

Use an Eye-Catchy Color Scheme:

The color scheme you choose plays a mandatory role in making your food box more attractive. But if you are not choosing the right one all of your efforts go useless. It can also be a big reason to drive the customers out from the range of your food products.  There are plenty of items where the target audience is kids. To attract them you need to use captivating and eye-catchy colors. Use images that inspire them instantly. On the other hand, to appeal to other customers you may use sophisticated colors but in a way to provide an attractive display. It’s better to know color psychology before you apply any color to your food packaging. Making the right choice will help you in generating a large customer base.

Focus on Sustainability:

Sustainability is getting more popular over time. This is because the outcomes of using a non-recyclable solution are getting out of control. Such type of toxic packaging is continuously disturbing the health of our nature. That is why the businesses are making an initiative to shift towards sustainable packaging solutions like cardboard, Kraft paper, or corrugated packaging. These materials are recyclable and biodegradable and produce no waste at all. Even if they are not recycled and thrown in landfills, they biodegrade at an incredibly fast rate, as compared to complex counterparts. The food boxes designed by using them have gained much acceptance all across the retail sector. You may also print the printed boxes with the recycling symbol, precautions about the health of the environment, or any other message to make customers aware of your efforts. The use of sustainable food packaging is becoming the most successful way to grab the clients’ attention.

Comprehensive Product Detailing:

Informing the customers of all the necessary details about the product is mandatory especially in the case of food packaging. Even the Food and Drug Administration Authority states to highlight all the relevant facts on your food packages that customers are curious to know. It is another effective way to grab the customer’s attention. From nutritional details to product expiry date, directions to use, calorie count, serving size, net weight of the packages, ingredients, and a lot more, such information is necessary to be included. For printing it, you may use the packaging surface. Make sure that you are stating authentic and reliable information. Also, pick up the right font size and style to make these details more comprehensible for the target audience.

Pick Attractive Illustrations:

Creating an attractive packaging solution is a significant part of your product presentation. For this, you have to use the right theme. Plenty of design choices is available to enhance the attractiveness of your food packaging. Design them with fascinating illustrations and layouts by using a variety of advanced printing techniques. To make it more attention-seeking, use self-explaining graphics. For example, if your product is available in different flavors, the use of related images to make customers understand its flavor just at a sight. 

Go for an Appropriate Size and Shape:

The size and shape of your custom food boxes play a significant role in grabbing the attention of customers. It’s the design of the box that can explain your product better than any other element. For this, you have to work on custom dimensions. Choose a shape according to the product you want to place in. For example, in the case of frozen food rectangular boxes with sealed flaps are a good choice whereas takeaway gable boxes are preferred most by the businesses. Similarly, you may experiment with several other shapes like cubical boxes, round boxes, cylindrical containers, flip-tops, sleeves, and other multi-structural designs. Just make sure that while designing your food containers no compromise is made on the quality.

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