6 Etiquettes To Follow When Hiring a Wedding Photographer

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Weddings are memorable, beautiful, and above all, stressful! This is an event that will have everyone involved reaching out to popular stress-busters, including the photographer. While most of the anxiety is borne by the to-be wedded couple, the wedding photographers are not immune to the wedding stress. 

From having to photograph every second of the ceremony without missing a beat to dealing with different couples and their guests, photographers have to face quite a lot at wedding gigs. That’s why it is important to treat them properly and follow these eight etiquettes when hiring wedding photographers in Bucks county. 

1. Trust the person behind the lens

Wedding photographers have been at it for years and might have covered dozens if not hundreds of weddings. Therefore, when they ask you to pose a certain way, they most likely know what they do. It is always advisable to let go of control and let the photographer take the reins for the most part. So, unless you have specific requests, it will be insulting to the photographer if you constantly question them. 

2. Set limits for your guests

Weddings and unruly guests are quite common. We all have that one uncle or aunt who is known to create a ruckus at every wedding. What’s worse is that in the current age, everyone tends to take photos on their phones. While there is no harm in that, the photographer might find it inconvenient as they try to shoot your guests. Therefore, setting some ground rules for them is a good idea.

3. Prepare yourself for photographs, a lot of them

You will be clicked a lot on your special day since you went to the pains of finding a great photographer. Therefore, once your loved ones are done with their group photos and selfies, make sure you are ready for some personalized portraits; plan the wedding day accordingly by leaving some time for this.

4. Communicate your needs

Do you have a specific pose or location in mind? Share it with your photographer. You are most likely to get the wedding album of your dreams if you communicate your needs clearly to the person clicking the pictures. This is not the time to be shy; express your ideas and work it out with your photographer, who will be more than willing to indulge.

5. Feed the photographer

Leaving your photographer hungry as you and your guests eat your fill after all the work they have put in to capture your special day is a big no-no. The last thing you can do for your photographer for the day is to save them and their team a plate each—this is just basic courtesy and should not be considered payment for their services.

6. Don’t be stingy

Wedding photography is an art, and you need to pay the right amount for any piece of art. For all the effort your photographer puts in to cover before, during, and after the ceremony, they deserve the payment they asked for. It is your special day, so try not to be stingy with your photographer; pay them what they deserve. If you have a limited budget, have your guests take photographs for you with disposable cameras.


Wedding photographers are human too. They deserve to be treated with respect and consideration, even more so because they click beautiful pictures with a lot of effort to make your day memorable. Thus, from paying them their rightful fee to letting them take the reins during the shoot, following these etiquettes will make your wedding a day you can cherish for years to come. 

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