8 Brilliant Ways to Use laptops


You might have admired several times that some people out there can do wonders with their laptops, and if you are wondering whether they are all nerds, well, the answer is NO. Most of them are regular users like us who have learned several computer tricks and shortcuts to surprise their colleagues, and guess what? 

They have not only managed to impress their colleagues but also discovered a new set of skills to make their work easy and manage them efficiently on a daily basis. Whether you are looking for the best laptops for programming or laptops for students, reading this guide won’t make you a computer expert, but you will surely learn something new to get the best out of your laptop.

Let’s check out the eight brilliant laptop tricks and hacks, which are extremely useful:

You can learn to Use the Command Line

The fact is that using the command line is not as impressive or straightforward as it seems in Bollywood movies. But with any basic laptops for students, you can start learning how to use or apply the command line effectively. Intensive and professional users love using the command line to perform complex tasks by just pressing a couple of keystrokes.

Discover additional applications for programs you already own

With the best laptops for programming, nerds will always figure out ways  especially when it comes to finding new applications for the programs and tools they already have. Most programs and tools can be utilised for numerous purposes, in addition to their original or intended one. For example, the file-syncing feature of Dropbox can be used to monitor your PC system or print files. If someone has stolen your mobile phone, you can use Gmail to find out your device.

Avoid wasting time on formatting system when it can be avoided

When your laptop starts to run a little too slow, you need to figure out the real reason behind the issue. Typically, one particular app might be slowing your device down, so instead of formatting the entire laptop, you just need to figure out that specific application and close it as fast as possible.

Explore the OS’s less known Features

Most of the operating system has its own features and tricks hidden under the hood. You can learn these tricks by checking youtube videos or from various forums.

You can learn to crack Passwords

Learning how to break into a laptop can be fun, and it will surely increase your self-esteem. This is also a great exercise as you will learn how to protect your devices from cybercriminals in the future.

Schedule your tasks

It is sometimes better to stop manually performing all that time-consuming laptop maintenance. The Window OS built-in task schedule feature lets you run several tasks you may need, be it picture upload, defragmentation, alarms or even reminders.

Use the keyboard more efficiently

You can learn several common shortcuts for Photoshop, Word, Gmail, and other applications you use daily. After a couple of months, you will be able to float through menus and text boxes at unbelievable speeds with precision.

Try New Operating Systems

If you want to impress your colleagues or friends, you should try your hand at learning more about Linux, Windows, Mac or DOS.

Regardless of your plan for purchasing the best laptops for programming or regular laptops for students, you can polish your skills or learn many new things to manage your work more efficiently with the help of this guide.

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