Air Conditioning Repair: 10 Signs To Look For

Darwin can get pretty hot in summers, leading to many households judiciously using their air conditioning units. The result of the heightened use, however, is increased chances of needing repairs. While most repairs are fairly obvious, some are more subtle, and you need to look at these 10 signs to know you need to call in a technician. 

1. Warm air

People buy air conditioning units to make themselves and their families comfortable during summers, expecting cool air. If your unit gives out warm air instead of cooling the room, something may be wrong with the appliance, and you may need the assistance of Darwin air conditioning repair technicians.

2. Non-functional thermostat

Your thermostat essentially runs the AC unit by letting it know the amount of cold air to be generated. If there is something wrong with it, the entire system won’t work as you would expect it to.

3. Little to no air from the vents

There are times when you get cooling from your unit, but it is not strong enough to circulate in the room. This is an indication of a failing compressor or faulty ducts; either way, you need professional assistance.

4. Loud noise from within

ACs are not supposed to make any noise. Under ideal circumstances, they are supposed to work silently. However, if you hear grinding and squealing noise from inside the unit, you need to call in your HVAC technician to have a look to avoid further damage.

5. Odor when the AC is on

Among other things that ACs are not supposed to do is give out strange odors. When you notice a bad smell after you turn on the AC, you need to call in an HVAC technician; you may be dealing with mold.

6. Frequent troubles

If you find yourself calling your repair person often, you may have an aged and broken AC in your hands. Frequent repairs and problems with the unit is often a sign that something major has gone wrong and you need a new system.

7. Rising bills

Does your AC unit increase the energy bills significantly more than it usually does? If yes, there may be something wrong with your AC unit. You will need to call in the technician and have them check the system thoroughly.

8. Leaks around the AC

ACs are not supposed to take a leak. Any leak, be it water or other liquid, from the unit is a clear indicator that something is wrong with your system. In such cases, what you can do is give your HVAC person a call for a checkup.

9. Presence of Humidity

One of the primary uses of an AC unit is the reduction of humidity in the room. If you find that your room has high moisture levels in it despite turning on the air conditioning system, it is time to call in the technician.

10. The AC is old

How old is your AC? Most units are not built to last more than a decade; so, if yours lasted at least 10 years, you should be thankful and set out to buy a new system. Not doing this will only result in avoidable costly repairs.


AC repairs are quite common during hot Darwin summers. However, noticing signs like rising bills or leaks will help you catch the need for repair earlier, saving your money and time, along with preventing you from having to stay sweaty with a broken AC. Aside from looking at these ten signs, it would do you well to indulge in regular AC maintenance. 

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By Michael Caine

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