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South African house music is known for its ability to constantly reinvent itself not a new genre of music called on a piano is currently taking the South African music scene by storm share together is one of many Amapiano hit singles that have the country on its toes at the moment as the song’s producers say shisha encapsulated the expression that I’m a piano is a lifestyle all in one song to tell us more about the hit single.

We have in-studio the Pioneers that they to the angelic good morning gentlemen and thanks for taking the time out to come and be with us in the middle of recording and all of that so I want to know because I’m old and very out of things them today what is I’m a peon I’ve never heard it until this morning I’ve never heard about it tell me what it is I’m a piano is a different animal from all others but it’s combining all the other channels like jazz my toe and soulful deep fakaza house music. All in one so you say that it is a lifestyle, our piano is a lifestyle how so because everyone is dancing to the end everyone is that simple as that as simple as that okay jelly tell us about Shesha it continues I mean it’s not the newest song but it continues to still be such a hit.

What do you think makes it such a hit I think the reception we’ve got from our people it’s was so amazing and I’m a piano as a growing age and where people have have started to realize and recognize us for the music and it was difficult for us to put it on on to put it out there without vocals and now of edit e esha on vocals now everyone is  as relating to the music now so I’m a piano when I first asked the crew and they laughed at me I said is there piano in the song in the music there’s a Kevlar PIPA please tell me educate me it’s a lot of I know you say it’s a lot of other genres combined.

Is there a lot of piano house music in it we used to use a lot of pianos but yeah now we putting vocals costs for four radio people systems so what gave you the idea I mean what gave you the idea you are the pioneers of this type of music what gave you the idea to include and how did you decide what you were going to include that would make it I’m a piano there were people advising us about vocals to add vocals so that they our songs can play and join radios in some way, yeah you are heading to that I can say when I’m a piano are playing maybe in clubs and parties?

You’ll hear chants people will channel a session chant and then it brings ideas to put vocals more cause people are relating you take it from the people you take it from what people were saying especially because I also MC(Master of Ceremonies) in gigs so I used to when Windham two days playing I can add something and then we decided to put focus do you see that as s where music is going not so much planned in recorded but like what you’re saying.

What you do at this on the spur of the moment you improvise you’re taking from what you’re being fed by the crowd basically yeah definitely cause we, after all, is not for us it’s for the people are the ones who cannot buy our music so if we are doing something for us it’s only gonna benefit us but for if we do something for them we were calling our Chandler, yeah you know we’re one listens to house music and you kind of it there’s all kind of sounds the same you kind of hear the same set of beats and stuff in the music how do you make sure that every one of the songs is different and has a different flavour.

Although it’s I’m a piano instrument okay maybe Gillick like jazz we could use maybe some sex ordinarily associate with Cassie is there a lot of that in a piano using a lot of what would make up classical music yeah we used a lot of different instrumental sounds and we trying to explore more sounds and use more imagine a piano song with a cello with you know so but we are getting there what’s your favourite he said you like jazz is one of your favourites and you incorporate a lot of that into your music. 

So did I must start with piano first do you take existing violin or classical music that’s out there or you get somebody who can play to play specifically for your music or do you sample from elsewhere sometimes it’s a sample but we try to do our best and three things and I don’t know how to say this but yeah you make it up yourself as you do like what we do on a Casio tone probably just get yeah I can explain it you know sometimes we get someone who knows how to play the violin or we play the violin through the piano.

You can change okay so what excites you most about amapiano music how people let incident I’ve seen the dance somebody showed me a video is it a specific dance oh I’m a piano is that made especially for I’m a piano the dancer, yeah yeah there’s a dance thing too for my piano specifically I’ve seen it, yeah you can’t even dance to it with other generous yeah yeah it’s very sort of like slinky but I saw two boys being their dance it was very sneaky well that’s great we’re gonna hear from you you’re gonna be doing the still popular shisha for us we can’t wait for that one and yeah we look forward to now I’ve learned something new today I’m a piano so I can get sound all cool this weekend.

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By Michael Caine

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