An Ultimate Travel Guide to Melbourne


Visiting any place can be an exciting and memorable adventure. Moreso, since the current situations have made such joyful occasions rare and difficult. But Aussies are known for their ingenuity and resilience so it will take a bit more to stop them on their quest for fun times. If you are also feeling like that, then Melbourne is the place to be. From history to modern design, its food, drinks and nightlife and not to mention the sports part, Melbourne has something for everyone. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the vast amount of information that is out there so here is our curated list of things to do while you are in Melbourne.

1. The historical part

Melbourne is jam-packed with historical sights and places to visit. On the top of our head, three iconic places are worth visiting as soon as possible. Here’s the list: National Gallery of Victoria, Flinders Street Station and Federation Square. With a driver’s license, you can easily cruise between these locations. The National Gallery can be considered the Louvre of Australia, where Federation Square is perfect if you want to hang out and check out the nightlife. Speaking of nightlife.

2. Let’s party!

Melbourne is a vibrant city, jam-packed with energy, youth and places to go during the entire day. Regardless of whether you prefer modern night clubs, hip and youthful alternative pubs, discrete and sensual brothels in Melbourne, park raves, thematic disco events, or anything else that may pop into your head, Melbourne has it all. Whatever your pace may be, the city and its clubbing scene can surely deliver.

All that’s left is to google a bit and find out the hottest spots that are active right now or soon. This changes daily, and it would not be fair to list some of them as at the time you get to this article, there could be a whole other story going around. Which is great as it keeps the scene fresh and enticing to explore. You never know what next sensation you will find in Melbourne as you venture out.

3. Culinary delights

Australian food cuisine is among the top in the world. From meat to vegetables and all mixes in between, it has it all. Calamari’s, pork chop, lamb cut, street fast food, organic markets, fresh fruits, seafood and plenty of other options that you can gorge yourself on are readily available in the Melbourne streets. The food industry is booming and growing by the day in both ways.

Old traditional recipes and meals are nurtured and presented with Aussie pride, sometimes even with a dash of modern items. Also, cooks are not scared to experiment and try out something new in hip bars and futuristic places that want to venture deep and dive right into the rich Australian food history and offers. Seafood also has its popular place so Melbourne really is a perfect place for the gastronomical beast that hungers in you. Whatever your taste may be, Melbourne will surely cater to it.

4. Sports scene

Cricket is big in Australia. In fact, it is only matched by India but definitely not in enthusiasm and energy that comes from loyal Australian fans. Melbourne is one of the key places for this sport with its colossal Melbourne Cricket Ground. Even if the current covid situation doesn’t change, you can expect the place to be jam-packed with tourist visitors or guided tours. If you happen to be nearby when there’s an active game going on, then this is something that you should not miss by any means. It can welcome up to 100.000 fiery fans, so try to imagine the atmosphere that they can produce. Even after you are gone, the noise, chanting, songs and feelings will remain with you for a long time.

Melbourne can be a bit overwhelming at times. With so much to see and do, anyone can get paralyzed by plenty of choices. Not to worry, as its residents and energy are here to help. Hip, modern, energetic and welcoming, it is a place that should be pinned to your map at all times. Even if you have been only once, it pays off to visit again as you never know what new experiences may be behind the next corner. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

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By Michael Caine

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