Applying for a visa to come to the UK

You can come to the UK for a number of reasons, either study, leisure, work or get medical or health care check up.

But no matter what visa immigration journey you undertake you need to know which type of visa best suits your purpose of travel.

Choosing the right visa

Depending on your travel and purpose of the visit, you need to choose the right visa for your trip.

The visas are broadly divided into the following categories

  • Where you have come from
  • What is the purpose of your visit
  • How long is your stay in the UK
  • Your personal situation and skills
  • Transit purpose while crossing from one country to another

Depending on the visa you can make an online application. In case you are an Irish national you do not need to apply for a visitor visa.

If you are a EU citizen, you will need to apply to stay in the UK under the EU settlement scheme rather than a visitor visa.

The  deadline for applying under the EU settlement scheme was 30 June 2021. But if you have some compelling grounds to appeal you may be able to apply.

Visiting the UK

If the purpose of your visit to the UK is any of the following, then you must choose a Standard visitor visa.

  • To pursue a short course of study within 6 months
  • To do business activity such as attend meeting or a conference
  • To meet family and friends in the UK
  • To do health check up
  • To donate an organ
  • To volunteer for an activity on a temporary basis

Travelling through the UK

You may apply for a transit visa if you are crossing one country while on your way to another country such as a layover flight route.

Study in the UK
The UK is the most popular place for attracting the best and the brightest minds owing to the fact that it has some top class universities with state of the art infrastructure.

The study visa for a short term course up to 6 months would be standard visitor visa only.

If you are willing to come to the UK on a full time student programme, then you must apply for a student visa. A well reputed and Home Office authorised college or university can only sponsor you.

If your study duration is between 6 months and 11 months to pursue an English language course then you can apply for a short-term study visa.

A child student visa allows children of age above 4 years but below 17 years to study in an independent school in the UK.

Work and business in the UK

Work visas are of many types, you can come to do work for business purposes or you can be sponsored by the UK employer and work.

Work visas allow you to an eligible job with a UK employer either on a long term work or temporary basis.

Visiting family or friends

You can apply for a spouse visa to meet your married partner in the UK and a standard visitor visa to meet a family member living in the UK.

Returning resident visa

This type of visa is for those who had ILR but stayed outside the UK for more than 2 years and now want to come back.

Seeking legal assistance

Your immigration journey is dependent on whether the Home Office approves or disapproves your application. Since the immigration rules are complex and the application process could appear time-taking. You must seek legal advice before making a decision to apply. London’s leading immigration specialists, A Y & J Solicitors have been helping their clients with bespoke immigration journeys.

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