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The transition to QR codes has made life more convenient for customers and retailers. It was difficult to imagine a few years ago that a smartphone could make overpayments. However, QR codes have allowed the buyer to move beyond the convenience of cash and credit cards. They allow payments to happen at the tap of a finger. A simple scan using a smartphone camera is all it takes for many functions, even beyond payments.

QR payments are made through ‘quick response codes. These are codes that are more advanced than barcodes. Whereas barcodes require scanners like the ones used at supermarkets, QR codes are much more effective. Without the scanners, they allow for more data to be picked up than barcodes.

How can buyers use QR codes?

QR codes can be placed on products, tickets, posters, and even boarding passes of airlines. It can also store data that takes a buyer to a website, or any kind of information. All a buyer needs to do is scan the code using an app or camera on a smartphone/tablet. The QR code stores data related to the product and makes payment possible. Once it is scanned, it provides access to the content that is required. This may include a specific URL, or may just open up a web browser. It can also store data in your phone, like a business card or advertisement, or connect your phone to a wireless network.

What are the features of QR codes?

As mentioned before, QR codes provide a higher capacity to encode data than barcodes. They also have a reduced size, which saves space for printouts. Moreover, they are resistant to any dirt or damage that could hamper them. They can be read from any direction and also include a structured appending feature.

What is their purpose?

Different kinds of businesses may choose to use different features of UPI QR Code scanners in different ways. It can be used for traditional buying through the customer scanning the code of the retailer. It can also be used for advertisements, as the code can take the customer to audio-visual content or any other kind of advertisement. It can also be used to provide information. For example, tickets or boarding passes may come with QR codes that provide people with important information. Sometimes, products may have QR codes on them to give the buyer more data. For instance, a packet of chips may have a QR code leading to information about its ingredients.

You can extend any data to a physical and accessible object through QR codes. It is an excellent tool for marketing, with the minimum use of infrastructure. Moreover, there is also ease of access. It allows the business to customize and integrate their identity into the QR code as well. It increases the pace of the use of web services while also ensuring novelty and creativity.

What are the different types of uses of QR codes?

QR payments can be used to provide a variety of services and for several purposes:

  1. Storing and packaging: Packaging boxes can have QR codes assigned to them, which can help in storage. These codes can be checked against shelf numbers to increase traceability.
  2. Preventing picking errors: The data containing the instructions for picking parts can be stored in a mobile terminal. The QR codes of the parts can then be scanned. This can prevent errors in the procedure. It can also send shipping records simultaneously to the headquarters.
  3. Taking stock of inventory: Stocktaking and efficiency can be enhanced using QR codes. The status of the inventory can be checked through them, which can prevent errors. This would be much better than visual checking.
  4. Receiving inspection: While receiving goods, QR codes can improve inspection by checking the list of goods to be received against the actual goods.
  5. Process management and preventing forgery: UPI QR Code scanners improve work efficiency by providing a real-time grasp of progress. They can be used to scan work instruction sheets. Moreover, they can provide person-hours by and lead time and monitor any possible forgeries. Since products would have QR codes attached to them, collecting the history of information about the codes can be easily maintained.

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