Applying The Oily Dandruff Scalp Shampoo To The Hair

We use shampoos frequently to cleanse our hair and scalp. Many shampoos are used to improve hair texture. If your hair is too oily, then you can use a shampoo to extract excessive sebum from your hair. Some shampoos are used to make the hair smoother. You should use a shampoo depending upon your hair condition. Some shampoos are also exclusively meant for damaged hair. If your hair is too oily, then probably you are experiencing dandruff problem. When the sebum is dried on the scalp, it is converted into dandruff. You can experience many complications due to dandruff. So, you should use a shampoo for oily dandruff scalp to extract dandruff from your hair.  

How do you face complications due to dandruff on the hair?

Due to dandruff, you are easily prone to problems such as fungal or bacterial growth on your scalp. You constantly experience inflammation and scratch your hair. Scratching looses the root of hair follicles causing hair to fall.  The microorganism growth is too rapid to damage the hair follicles and you feel too irritable throughout the day. So, to prevent such problems, you should apply a shampoo that is meant to fight against dandruff. 

The shampoo for oily dandruff scalp is meant to control sebum production in the skin and hence prevent the problem of dandruff. 

How the shampoo does helps in fighting against dandruff?

You should apply a shampoo containing 1% ketoconazole that kills the fungi present in the cell membranes. Our cell membranes produce a substance named ergo sterol that allows the fungi to enter into the cell membrane. This substance also helps the bacteria or fungi to multiple rapidly and cause further complications. So, this shampoo is applied to the hair and scalp to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria into the cell membranes. It curbs the production of ergosterol and hence the fungi present in the cell membranes automatically drain away. It creates pores in the cell membranes to drain away the fungi and bacteria. It also prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria further. The cell membranes become weaker and cannot produce ergosterol. As ergosterol is not produced, the fungi present in the cell membranes also become weaker and drains away. But you feel free from inflammation after you apply the oily scalp and dandruff shampoo

How to apply the ketoconazole shampoo to the hair?

This shampoo is concentrated and should be applied by someone who is experiencing acute dandruff problems. The shampoo should be applied in smaller quantities. Before applying the shampoo to the hair, you should apply warm water to your hair. Then, you should apply shampoo is smaller quantities and gently rub it until lather is formed. Then, you should rinse the hair with warm water. This shampoo should be applied to the hair twice a week if you are experiencing acute dandruff problem. Otherwise you can apply it once a week. You should use this shampoo for a month and if you want to apply further, then you should consult a physician. The oily scalp and dandruff shampoo is meant to cleanse your hair and scalp. 

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