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I don’t know what you think however, I’ve been living on white kitchen overdrive lately. It’s not because I don’t like the classic white kitchen, it’s that there are so lots of “Plain Jane” white kitchens available. Perhaps they have some pretty light pendants and some cool bar stools which help to pull them out of the boredom bin a little, but still, the cabinetry……is……so……dull. According to me, there’s really no reason for this. Internet is brimming with amazing ideas that anyone who is willing to do a bit of searching (that’d be you if you’re reading this post) will get rewarded with an exquisite timeless design that adds some character to it. One way you can add a bit of flavor to your kitchen is to use unique glass doors for your cabinet.

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Through many years, I’ve observed that people begin their kitchen design process with a more adventurous mindset than they finish at. After analyzing design elements and layout, it appears to be this particular process in the end that is motivated by anxiety. To keep their biggest investment timeless and timeless the majority of people choose what they consider as”the “safe” side of design. They’ll eliminate elements that could provide their kitchen with personality. I would highly recommend that you stay with a classic design that doesn’t succumb to an ever-changing trend However, this is the thing…classic isn’t the same as boring! In fact, it’s quite the reverse is true. Take a look at where “classic” comes from. The antiquated Greeks along with the Romans have provided us with timeless design elements and concepts that we still use hundreds of years after. There’s absolutely no boring in Classic.


Before we go over some of the amazing things glass doors for your cabinet for your kitchen area, we’ll start by exploring various styles that are made of glass. I’m beginning to see more creativity in the patterns used in custom cabinets. While the traditional designs are always beautiful but it’s also interesting to choose a specific characteristic of your home’s architecture and attempt to replicate it through the design on your glass doors…or maybe even capturing the pattern on the backsplash tile.

If the remainder of the cabinetry comprises classic doors that are recessed and drawers, then it’s time to step out a little bit from the glass cabinetry with no fear that it’ll sag your kitchen.


There aren’t many examples of doors made of leaded glass however I think they’ve become less popular than trendy. Two examples show that they are traditional. The effect of leaded can be achieved using glasses (top picture) or mirror (bottom image) with the same outcomes. In either case, it’s the perfect way to add some shine and illumination but also making it more difficult to determine what’s in the cabinet.

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Everyone loves tall cabinets on our walls. In the event that your ceilings rise taller than 10 feet, it could be difficult to build your cabinetry that high without risking doors becoming warped. In these cases double stacking your cabinetry will give you the space you need, however it also provides visually pleasing partitioning. Add to that the visual impact of glass doors and you’ll have a gorgeous design. If you’re considering this option it is recommended to keep the glass design on the simple side. This will work well with plain glass doors, as shown in the photo below. It is also compatible with the X-style of muntins but it is essential to maintain the proper proportions to ensure that the X appears exactly identical on the top box as it does on that lower cabinet.


I love the classic design of this built-in display cabinet that has an arched door. The vertical v-groove paneling on the sides is an additional nice feature. A single display piece such as this, incorporated into the kitchen, will provide your space with the personality it requires. I love the design of cabinets that are installed inside the walls. It’s a great way to add style for me because it takes away the look of a wall of cabinets hanging in the walls. It requires some specific planning to make those “voids” in the wall (as many spaces do not already have them) It’s definitely worth the effort.

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I was unsure of how I would name this particular example since I struggled between calling it an illustration that of a unique arched-glass wall unit or my desire to highlight how beautiful the beveled glass appears. Are you amazed by the shine you get from the doors? In the majority of glass cabinet photos included in this post You’ll notice that beveled glass is not used as often. It’s since it’s quite a pain in neck for cabinet makers! Few cabinet makers provide “true divided lights” as they’re often referred to. 

The glass that is in that top-mounted arched box took me nearly of a year to construct. We tried 3 different bevelers for glass, before hiring an artisan studio that needed to bevel the tiny angles by hand (they weren’t big enough for an automatic beveler). In the process, I’ve discovered more than I could ever would like to know about beveled glass and am fully aware of the issue for many cabinet makers. If you can locate an industry that offers this option, the final product is stunning. The doors are made to look heavy and more luxurious.

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I once had a customer who shared memories of sliding glass doors that she had in her grandma’s kitchen. Prior to that I was unable to see any reason for having these doors. However, my client’s nostalgic memory has influenced the way I view sliding glass doors for a long time. I’d love to incorporate them into the kitchen of one of my clients in the near future. They remind me of the pretty things Grandma had that were kept away and then being repurposed to enjoy special Sunday dinners with the whole family, don’t you think?

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