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Engagement is the name of a social media management game. Above all, engagement is a sure sign that your content is being noticed and understood by others. All these likes, clicks, shares and comments go a step further and give marketers a better idea of ​​their audience and their reaction.

However, not all social media content is created equal. Some posts may make you smile, while others may “stop scrolling” and make you think. And then there’s interactive content designed for interaction.

If your goal is to get genuine feedback and responses from your audience, your social media strategy requires interactive content. Here’s how to create interactive social media posts and examples of other brands to emulate.


What is interactive content?

Why do you need to make interactive social media posts?

How to make great interactive post

Best Interactive Social Post of the Year

What is interactive content?

Interactive content is the broad term for content that users click, play, reply to, or otherwise interact with.

Based on this definition, you might be thinking, “But not all social media content is interactive because you can like, comment, and share.”

These features are unique to all social media content, regardless of the content’s purpose. However, interactive social media posts are intentionally created to attract viewers. It can be as simple as taking a survey or as complex as participating in an experience.

The goal is to go beyond basic likes and shares and give people a reason to engage with the media.

Why do you need to make interactive social media posts?

Your audience already expects high-quality content ideas from you. Therefore, they follow you in the first place. However, it can be difficult to produce creative and engaging social media posts on a regular basis. This is when many marketers get into a content creation routine wondering why they aren’t getting great results.

Adopting an interactive first mindset is a great way to keep your social media engagement at the forefront of your content creation. By focusing on interactive posts, I consciously think about how to engage the viewer.

Our top tip: Make a note of your reason.

Why do you want to publish content? For many brands, the ultimate answer is to increase sales. But to do this, brands must first focus on creating social marketing content that people are familiar with and enjoy. As more and more people engage with your content, you can find out what they like, dislike, like, and other important details.

The better you know your audience, the better you can meet their expectations. Interactive media makes it easy to get involved so you can learn more about the people who follow you on social media. Creating a social media calendar with this information is always a great way to share something.

Let’s say you want to create an interactive Facebook post. We’ve chosen to create content that focuses on popular social holidays like National Animal Day and Popcorn Lover’s Day. For example, interactive Facebook posts can vote for the best popcorn flavors and best pet photos uploaded by internal staff.

You can also connect with viewers through interactive memes. A popular example of keeping you warm is to identify the “right” orientation of toilet paper rolls. You can post a meme image showing both options to grab the viewer’s attention.

If you want to create interactive content, you don’t have to take any risks if you want it to really stand out. But don’t dare to do anything other than thwart your efforts altogether. For more information, check out our guide on What to Never Share on Social Media.

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