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Fellow  Bangaloreans! It’s time to tingle your taste buds with one of the finest wines near Bengaluru. Grab your close ones or go solo to have a fancy experience in these vineyards. These vineyards take you on a journey of fine wine making. Sit back,  have a relaxing day and let your nose and taste buds do the work. There are some of the finest, fanciest vineyards near Bengaluru for wine experts and enthusiasts. 

Most of these are located in and around Bengaluru not more than 100 km. These vineyards are ideal if you are looking for a quiet, peaceful soothing time. Some of them provide rooms beside their gorgeous vineyards. After the world famous Banglorean style filter coffee, it’s time for some of their finest bottles. 

Clink your wine glasses with your best friends at these vineyard spots in Bangalore!

Heritage Sula Vineyards

Nashik Sula Vineyards are known for their quality wines and production. Sula must have decided  not to let  Bengaluru miss out on  some of their finest. This winery is located 61 kms away from Bengaluru in Gangedoddi Village. The winery serves delicious servings along with your glass of wine in their in house restaurants. They take you on a tour where they explain the history and authentic methods of preparing a fine wine. Nevertheless, you can explore the gardens and vineyards spread wide and vastly as far as you can see. The winery is open from morning 9.30 to 7 in the evening. 

Grover Zampa Vineyards

Grover Vineyards are just 46 kms away from Benguluru in Doddaballapur. You can taste the fine wine and discuss its taste, smell and savour it with some of the connoisseurs. Its rustic buildings and barrel storage gives off an authentic French wine cellar. Due to its prime location near Nandi Hills, it provides a favourable environment for good quality grapes and eventually good quality wines. The wine is so fine you are bound to take the taste back with you in a bottle. Its variety of wine collection will leave you enchanted. The entry fee varies according to weekdays and weekends. 

💡 Tip – One needs to be above the legal drinking age to visit these Wineries.

Soma Vineyards

Soma Vineyards are fairly winery, nature oriented since they provide an open barbeque for lunch. It is an open space with large vineyards and a lake. You can sip your wine and enjoy the view of Makli hills nearby. This is a good spot for relaxing and chilling with your friends for a day. It is located approximately 50 kms from Bengaluru.  If your best friend is vegan, they can enjoy the especially made vegan lunch. Children between the ages of 10 yrs to 17 yrs are charged separately on this site. The timings are 10,30 in the morning to 8  in the evening.

Kinvah Vineyards

Kinvah Vineyards also known as Nandi valley Winery. This is also a tavern. This vineyard and tavern is less than 30 kms away from Bengaluru. Kinvah vineyards charge for packages without lunch accordingly. The charges for grape stomping are not included in this price. They have an open area where children can play in the grass, while adults can enjoy sipping wine in the nearby sitting area. The fun grape stomping session begins after lunch which children look forward to. Visit anytime between  11.30 am to 4 pm

Big Banyan Vineyard

Big Banyan Vineyard is located 35 kms away from Bengaluru in Dodda Alada Mara. Big Banyan is the classy, hip place where you discuss and talk over fine wine and cheese. The variety of wines one can choose from is phenomenal. This is a perfect Sunday spent well. There is an in-house Ranch restaurant in Big Banyan. Make sure you book in advance if you  are planning to visit during the weekend. At the end of the day, there are wine packages where you can take combinations of wine bottles home. The expensive package includes white wines and red wines. The latter cheap package includes fruit wines and dessert wine.

On the other hand, Bengaluru is also famous for its  handlooms and handicrafts. Central Cottage Industries  Emporium, a premium showroom run by Central Cottage Industries Corporation of India under the Ministry of Textiles is engaged in marketing of the finest  and authentic Indian Handloom and Handicraft products. CCIC has been offering a rich collection of handlooms and handicrafts for 68 years. There are plenty of handicrafts in MG Road, Bengaluru. UP handlooms, Majusha, Cauvery are all famous for silk, sandalwood and rosewood items, Lambani,and tribal jewellery.

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