Better Understanding Gas Plumbers

When you own a home, you need to take care of it, and that means not just taking care of indoor areas, but also the structure and the systems that make it comfortable to live in! A lot of people when they hear about plumbing systems, straight away think of water supply and drains. But for some homeowners, a gas connection is a necessity. Both water and gas systems may have issues and require leak repair Perth. Gas can be a cost-effective alternative to electricity that allows families to maintain a comfortable temperature in their house, as well as being able to cook, wash, launder clothing and heat water. A plumber is not always an expert in gas systems, so you will need to enlist the services of a licensed gas fitter to assist.

Gas versus electricity

Most people use either electricity or gas to heat the home, cook with, heat water and so on. Most houses have gas and electrical connections to their home. There are advantages to cooking and heating with gas as it can be 10 to 30 percent cheaper. A gas cooktop with multiple flame burners is fantastic for preparing meals! Gas is an environmentally friendly option because it burns cleaner than other fossil fuels. It is more reliable for when storms knock out powerlines – those homes with a gas connection still have the ability to heat and cook. A gas leak repair Perth professional you can call upon in case of emergency is important.

Licensed gas fitters and plumbers

With gas, there are more concerns around safety, which is why it is important to have regular inspections carried out, and to know things to look out for. Be sure to also have the contact details of a licensed professional who can handle a gas leak repair. A gas fitter can also install gas fittings, gas pipes and address other gas related issues pvc fencing brisbane. Gas fitters can swap your electric cook top for a gas alternative, install a gas hot water system, even install a bricked-in outdoor gas BBQ. If you want to convert a fireplace into a gas heater, a gas fitter can also achieve this.


There are a few ways you might spot a gas leak and need an expert gas fitter for gas leak repair. The odour is one way, a pungent chemical is added to gas that smells like rotten eggs, so that you tell if a gas leak has occurred. If you do notice a smell that is like sulphur or rotting eggs, then call a gas fitter to fix the gas leak urgently. You might notice an issue with the pilot light on your water heater – it might keep going out, or not light at all, or be close to extinguishing. You might also see on the cooker that the flames are not blue anymore. Outside, if there is a gas leak it might show because of the dead grass or plants in one patch somewhere near a gas line. All of these symptoms means it is time to call in a professional and licensed individual for your safety. It is illegal to have a layperson who is not a licensed gas fitter handle these repairs. Be sure to enlist a licensed gas fitter to help you – it will be a lot safer in the long run, too.

Bio – Hi, I’m Brad from Element Plumbing & Gas. I am born and bred in country Western Australia and am now happily settled in Perth, the best city in Australia.

I understand how busy life can be. When you call a tradesman, you want them to be flexible, honest, straightforward and reliable. That’s what you get from Element Plumbing & Gas. With over fifteen years’ experience, you can rest assured knowing the job done will be done right, and at the best price.

My team and I perform plumbing and gas services, both residential and commercial in metro and country areas.

You can count on us for appliance replacement, including hot water systems. My expert team also perform fixture replacement, such as new toilets. We can be first on site to perform emergency repair on burst water pipes, gas mains and CCTV inspections on your blocked drains.

You can hire us to carry out expert plumbing and gas solutions for renovations, extensions, new home plumbing, septic tank systems and even sewer conversions.

If it’s commercial services you need, we perform refurbishments, fit-outs, new construction plumbing and backflow prevention device testing.

Contact us today for assistance with your plumbing and gas needs.

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