Black Mold Creeping Up On Home And Health? Here Are Some Alarming Signs!


Whether you are planning to sell your home or buy your first home, or just want a regular inspection, if anything at all related to mould comes up, it’s usually not good news. 

Typically outdoors, mould acts as a decomposer of organic material, gobbling it up and then forming mushrooms-like clusters. It almost looks fuzzy on logs and leaves. Moulds absorb their way around timber, paper, carpets – all types of different materials – leaving black spots behind because of the produced spores. 

But mould in your property isn’t good news; in fact, it can be lethal. Fortunately, there are plenty of signs that will help you identify whether that is what is going on or if there is another issue altogether that needs your immediate attention!

Let’s find out

A Strange Musty Smell

Mould causes a musty smell. Many different types of moulds have a distinct smell, so pinpointing exactly what you’re smelling can be very difficult. However, suppose the odour is widespread, and it’s something you are not familiar with within your home and surrounding. 

In that case, this might mean it’s coming from a mould infestation and should be investigated by an expert immediately!

You Get Frequent Headaches

A side effect of a mould infestation is that moulds can detrimentally affect your health. Moulds do pose a distinct threat when left alone. In the short-term, sicknesses such as headaches, coughing, runny nose, flu-like symptoms can manifest from prolonged exposure to indoor mould growth. 

This mould can lurk unseen in insulating crevices for decades without being noticed. If you’re struggling with a chronic illness and doctors cannot pinpoint what’s causing it, in all likelihood, a mould issue in your household could be putting a strain on your immune system.

Your House Has A History Of Flooding

If you have a history of your house getting flooded, you might be at risk for mould. 

Even if flooding happened a long time ago, mould could still grow during that time-lapse. So it is possible to see mould issues in your house within one year after any flooding damage to the property! 

You Are Struggling With Respiratory Illnesses

Mould should cause difficulty breathing and other respiratory ailments as a side effect or symptom. 

Remember that when you’re sick, you’re usually sitting in bed or lying down in bed to rest, but when your immune system is at its weakest, it doesn’t help you to have mould in your walls! 

If you feel you’re experiencing a lot of respiratory diseases, get in touch with the mould inspector and get your house checked as soon as possible.

You See Visible Signs

It’s important to always be on the lookout for signs of mould, especially when you live in an older or poorly insulated home. 

Moisture from condensation from showers or water damage can seep into your walls and help create a potentially dangerous situation if ignored, so make sure to close up any noticeable cracks or holes in your walls and keep an eye out for telltale signs of black spots – both are indications that there may be a growing problem with mould developing behind the wall. 

Detecting mould is a matter of being observant. Still, it’s important not to attempt to go about investigating yourself without good experience because otherwise, it could end up doing more harm than good. 

Even minor issues may need a lot of professional attention, so contact professional mould removal Auckland when you think there may be mould growing somewhere inside your property.

Water leaks

Mould growth from water leaks isn’t so easy to notice at first glance, especially if they’re behind walls or fixtures. But if you do notice a leak, it’s important to get it repaired immediately because leaks can become beacons for mould growth which attacks metals in window frames and metal piping.


Mould in your home is not good news, and it can be damaging for your family and your health. If you think you might have a mould problem seeking professional help right away is the best way to go about it. 

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