Blue World City Vs. Lahore Smart City Where to Invest

Blue World City


The blue world city and Lahore smart city are the country’s future of real estate development. Moreover, both housing societies are famous for their amenities and location to deliver the best services to their investors. As we all know, the payment plan is what all investors look for before making any real estate investment. Therefore to help the residents and investors, the housing societies have come up with an affordable payment plan with the option of an installment program. So, we can now say that both housing societies have their benefits of investment. But to know detail regarding these housing societies, continue reading.

Blue World City Islamabad

The Blue World City Islamabad is a top-class housing project to facilitate the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. And to promote the friendly relationship between Pakistan and China. Moreover, the project is at Chakri Road, close to Islamabad International Airport, Rawalpindi Ring Road, and M2-Motorway. Furthermore, it is the best housing project adjacent to Islamabad and Rawalpindi, making it a suitable real estate investment for the investors and residents of twin cities. What makes this housing society approachable is its location, price range, and facilities.

Blue World City Payment Plan

The Blue World City Payment Plan is the highly anticipated aspect of the real estate project. And, to surprise the investors, the price ranges are far affordable than they have thought. Furthermore, the payment plan has an installment plan to facilitate more investors. The payment plan stats from the PKR 1,090,000/- to PKR 5,990,000/-. As you can see, according to the facilities it has for the residents and investors, the payment plan is highly affordable. Moreover, there will be an option of a four-yearly installments plan that will further financially support the investors.

Pros And Cons

As discussed, the housing society is famous for its location and amenities, just like the Seven Wonders City. Moreover, the master plan of this real estate project is unique, with high-quality infrastructure. Furthermore, it provides all necessities like electricity, gas, water, parks and grounds, shopping malls, grocery stores, education centers, and Grand Mosque. Secondly, all these facilities and features will be available in a secured gated community. So, we can say that investing here will be an asset.

The only con this real estate project face is the perception of high plot prices. However, as we have seen, the price range is affordable with an installment program.

Lahore Smart City

The Lahore Smart City is another famous housing scheme building in the Kala Shah Kaku. Moreover, the developers are renowned for building beautiful and mesmerizing construction work. The developers are Future Developments Holdings Limited (FDHL). Furthermore, the housing scheme is reachable from the Grand Trunk Road Lahore and Lahore-Sialkot Motorway. UET Lahore New Campus, DHA Lahore, and Allama Iqbal Lahore Airport are other vital sites. All these sites increase the worth of this real estate project. Therefore, investment here will be valuable.  

Lahore Smart City Payment Plan

The payment plan is what all investors look for before making any investment, especially in the case of real estate investment. Therefore, the developers make sure to facilitate the investors and residents economically. The payment plan is here with the affordability factor. The price range starts from PKR 2,375,000/- to PKR 7,260,000/- Furthermore, according to the location and facilities, the prices of plots are highly affordable. Secondly, there will be an installment plan to help the investor buy according to their financial status.

Pros And Cons

The investment here will bring many benefits as the housing society has various facilities and features for the investors and residents. Moreover, the master plan includes everything from comforts to luxury. The developers’ concern is to offer high-end living standards to the investors and residents. Furthermore, this real estate project provides electricity, gas, water, parks, grounds, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, business opportunities, and most importantly, all these facilities will be available in one secured gated community.

The only con is the perception of high plot prices. However, according to the payment plan, there is an installment program. And that will help the investors pay the total amount of the properties according to their financial situation.


As mentioned above, both housing societies are notable housing projects from Islamabad and Lahore. Moreover, the developer of Lahore smart city wants to make it the second smart city in Pakistan. Therefore, the housing societies include all the necessities in one gated community. Furthermore, the location is a prominent feature of both housing societies, that is highly approachable from the vital sites. Most importantly, the payment plan is affordable with an installment plan. Therefore investment here will be an asset as it will depend on where investors want to invest their money. Lastly, to know details regarding these housing societies, visit the official website of Estate Land Marketing.

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