Most Avoidable Mistakes Students Commit in CA Foundation Exams

Avoidable Mistakes Students Commit in CA Foundation Exams

CA Foundation Exams is the entry-level exam of the CA course, and this is why the majority of the candidates take it lightly. Taking the exam so lightly further gives rise to many other mistakes and finally can push the candidate to failure.

The CA Foundation Result Dec 2021 will be announced soon by the ICAI. Students are a bit worried about how many marks they’ll receive. So, based on the experience of last year students, VSI Jaipur will tell you the mistakes that students generally commit and that can be avoided. To name a few, it can be not knowing the CA Foundation Exam Pattern or not completing the syllabus on time. It is evident that the students make mistakes in their first attempt, but these mistakes can cost them an attempt.

For the same purpose, we will discuss the significant mistakes a student commits in the CA Foundation Exams that can be avoided if you’re preparing for the 2022 exams. Importantly, students should not that the ICAI has released the dates of filling out the CA Foundation Exam form May 2022. Students must submit the application form before the last date to avoid a rush in the end. 

Avoidable Mistakes Made by Students in CA Foundation Exams 

So, let us one by one go through the mistakes that the CA Foundation candidates commit in their preparation days.

Taking the CA Foundation Exams Lightly

Many candidates fail in their first attempt because they take the CA Foundation exams too lightly. There is a wrong perception that this is an entry-level exam and it won’t be tough. Unlike what the students think, the CA Foundation exam has a negative marking where you can quickly lose the marks, so do not get overconfident. Also, by taking the exams lightly, you will never get motivated or disciplined to prepare properly. So, become serious about the CA Foundation papers.

Unplanned Preparations

When the candidate is no more severe regarding the CA Foundation exams, they invite procrastination, lack of planning, and laziness in their mind. This all will collectively push you into the pit of failure. An unplanned preparation will ultimately result in a lack of practice, no mock test solving, an incomplete CA Foundation exam syllabus, and many more.

Once you plan your preparation according to the CA Foundation exam pattern, you become more conscious and active towards the preparation. In this way, you will be able to cover the entire syllabus on time and help you get more scores. This will prevent you from procrastinating the tasks and avoiding the questions practices. So, do not make this blunder to start preparation without any planning.

Totally Relying on Self-Study

Yes, self-study indeed plays a significant role in preparation. This can make a candidate self-aware and organized. If you rely on self-study and neglect the other external sources, you will miss out on many things. We have seen students generally waste lots of time figuring out any concepts and understanding the topics. Instead, they should take the guidance and then do the self-study to get the best CA Foundation exam result. 

Neglecting the External Sources

The next mistake that a student of CA Foundation makes that can be avoided depends on the ICAI module. Although going through the ICAI module is a good thing, the bad part here is not going through other study materials that might have more variety of questions and simplified explanations.

The explanations given in the ICAI module are not easy to learn or digest by all the students. Even the questions given to practice are not up to the mark. So, alternatively, the students can opt for the study materials provided by the CA Coaching Institutes with simple explanations and proper sequencing.

Sticking to the Distracting Elements

The majority of the candidates who failed the CA Foundation exams consider this as the major one. Numerous distracting elements around you can distract you from your goals within a few seconds. The primary elements that comprise the list are social media, gossip groups, going for the seniors for exam tips, TV series or movies, extra discussion on exams.

The first thing that students need to realize is that discussing more and more on the CA Foundation exams will not help you pass them. So, focus on the preparation instead of the discussions. Also, take a pledge to stay away from such elements throughout your preparation days. Additionally, you can indulge in activities such as yoga and meditation to become more conscious. Finally, make sure you are studying in a quiet and peaceful place. 

Lack of prioritization

Students only wish to go for the things on their priority list. It is often observed that the students leave their coaching classes to get involved in some social gathering or family functions. You need to realize that these functions are not more important than your CA Foundation Exams. Students also make the mistake of not solving the CA Foundation Exam papers and just reading the questions. So, learn to avoid other things and focus on your goals.

Sometimes candidates take a rest instead of preparing for the exam. They think that the syllabus is blessed can be covered the next day. In the same way, the exam approaches and half of the syllabus remain incomplete. So, you must get serious regarding your exams and start prioritizing your preparation.

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Hence, students must not make the mistakes listed here because after appearing in the exam with these mistakes, there will be nothing left except for regret. Also, students make the mistake of not going through the syllabus properly. Students also get so overconfident that they do not even give one mock test. Taking the CA Foundation exams so lightly is not going to help. So, get serious about the exam and start preparing with proper planning.

Also, some considerable points for all the CA Foundation students will be going through the syllabus properly, making a proper study plan, not getting over-confident, not getting distracted, etc. All these will surely help you give your best performance in the exam.

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