Can you Learn Quran Online?

Can you Learn Quran Online?

When it comes to learning the Quran for beginners, Schooling is here to assist you at every step, offering online Quran lessons to assist you in learning the Quran. Some people recommend starting with Noorani Qaida, while others recommend starting with the lesser chapters. Tajweed is also said to be the best method for memorizing the Quran. With so many points of view, it’s easy to feel bewildered and wonder how to learn the Quran for beginners. Many Muslims find it difficult to dedicate as much time to learning the Quran as they would want due to the demands of modern living. That’s why we have so many different ways for you to learn Quran online, depending on how much time you have, your interests, and the type of teacher you choose. Online classes provide a haven of dedication to the Quran, with a wide choice of classes that can fit even the busiest schedules. Learning the Quran online will provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re on the correct track. That is why online Quran classes that are engaging, entertaining, and effective are so popular in over ninety countries worldwide, spreading the love of the Quran. Quran learning has grown lot easier to come by in the twenty-first century, and it can now be done from anywhere in the world. Obstacles such as location, time, and study costs are no longer an issue! You can now learn Quran online at a low cost from the comfort of your own home. You or your children can learn Quran online in a virtual classroom where you speak with your teacher in real time through online Quran sessions over Skype. In addition to many other elements that online learning provides, your Quran tutor will be with you step-by-step, share the screen, and show you the page to read or exercise to solve. Many studies have shown that e-learning the Quran is more participatory and successful than traditional learning.

Acquire a Basic Understanding of the Language

Beginners studying the Quran have a number of difficulties, the most significant of which is the language barrier. Because reading the Quran is not the same as reading a book, you must follow all of the rules when doing so. If you are a newbie and are unfamiliar with the Arabic language, we recommend starting from the beginning. You might begin by learning the Noorani Qaida, which is a simple approach for novices to study the Quran. Quranic tutors can also be found in mosques, Islamic centers, and even online.

Increase your Pronunciation

Now that you’ve mastered reading Arabic, it’s time to focus on improving your pronunciation. The Nouranya technique, which teaches the language by breaking down the words, has proven to be beneficial to a number of beginners in this regard. There are also excellent online venues for learning Quran that are dedicated to teaching Quran to people of all ages and levels. The majority of these platforms feature recorded lectures on their websites that can be easily accessible. Anyone who wishes to learn at their own pace should consider this option.

Every day, Try listening to the Quran and Reading it

Listening to the Quran while reciting from the Mushaf is another simple technique for novices to study the Quran. Listening will greatly increase your reciting and overall learning capacity. It’s important to remember that practice makes perfect. We strongly advise that you read at least one page per day if you want to enhance your recitation. This may take you a bit more than 10 minutes at first, but as you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to recite the Quran much more quickly, InshaAllah.


The Quran is the most incredible and flawless book ever written. Every time you read it, you discover new pearls, your mind generates more questions, and when you find answers, you are even more amazed. When you’re trying to grasp it, study it on your own, and if you come across something confusing, ask your Quran teacher, and keep asking until you obtain your answers. If you want to learn how to read the Quran with tajweed, start at the beginning with a professional Quran tutor who can teach you from the ground up.

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