Characteristics of the greenhouse misting system

greenhouse misting system

1. The greenhouse misting system not only has the effect of cooling and humidification but also has the functions of disinfection, dust removal, and cleaning.

2. The mister is large and foggy and easy to absorb by air. The effect of humidification and cooling is obvious.

3. Save energy and reduce labor costs.

4. The mist system is fully automatic controlled and automatically adjusted without people on duty. The mist system can set the timer to allow it to run and shut down automatically and can set up several time intervals, for example, from nine to twelve in the morning and two to five in the afternoon. The interval between power on and power off can also be set. For example, start it for one minute and stop it for two minutes, which can be cycled continuously.

5. The mist system is easy and convenient to install, and it can be able to operate quickly.

6. Greenhouse misting system will also help you to deliver fertilizers in a very smooth way. Which will help you increase your plant growth exceptionally Well.

Greenhouse High-pressure mist operation process

First of all, we need to open the internal device of the high-pressure mist host and create a high-pressure environment through the stainless pipes of the high-pressure mist, from the high-pressure environment to the end nozzle, and then to the special atomizing nozzle, which produces atomized particles below 15 microns. The water mist particles will instantly have the effect of evaporating and absorbing heat with the air, absorbing most of the apparent heat in the air, and acting as an instant cooling effect. The cooling rate is faster, which is an immediate effect.

Pay attention

In order to cool down and increase humidity, mist systems are installed in many greenhouses, but because the greenhouse is a closed environment, When the humidity is too high, dehumidification is very troublesome.

Before the mist system has been started, the greenhouse is fairly transparent. By noon, the temperature is rising, and the mist system is ready to open. At that time, the scene was blurred and invisible. In fact, this kind of environment is unfavorable to plant growth. Therefore, we can adopt pulse mist technology, which can play a certain cooling effect and will not cause an excessive humidity burden. You can see that the atomization is layered, not the whole greenhouse. The droplets hover in the air, absorb the air humidity, and then fall to the ground. In the greenhouse, a mist system is used. Remember to shorten the time of a single mist, both to cool down and to avoid high humidity.

Someone will definitely ask, is the nozzle easy to block? How to solve it? When the water quality is not good, it is very easy to jam. We can completely purify the water into pure water, which can meet the standard of human direct drinking. This water is the most ideal water quality for the host, so it is not easy to block the nozzle.

Don’t you like this equipment? Hurry up and act. Let your plants stay in a comfortable environment. You will be surprised at the improvement in plant health, and you can grow more plants and most of all it will help you earn more revenue and it will reduce your cost. So I think so after this article you will definitely go to buy Greenhouse misting system.

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