Choosing A Great Home Renovator!

When you are planning to have work done on your home, it is essential you make sure electrical and plumbing work is carried out by a licensed contractor. Hiring a reputable bathroom renovation company Perth is a good way to make sure the work is done to a high standard and to code. If you have a vision of what you want the space to look like, and how your bathroom will work better for you, an experienced bathroom renovator can make your dreams come to life. The best builder or contractor doesn’t just charge a premium price, they have a proven track record and have measures in place to fully understand your requirements and what can be achieved within budget.

The best renovator for you

The best renovator for you is not necessarily who your parents or your boss used for their project. Everyone is different. Here are some more tips to help identify a renovator you will be happy with.

1) Have a good mix of creative and practical – A great renovator is not just trained and qualified in the practical aspects of their work. They also possess creative flair, so they can help their clients create a space that is not just practical but also looks incredible and gives off the ambience you are looking for. Engage a contractor who can visualise what you want, or help guide you along the path. To get a better feel for how creative your contractor is, look at their past projects – they should have a portfolio showing great pride in their work. Check out their website first and see what you can find. 

2) Make sure they have genuine credentials and the right paperwork – Before you hand over money or take on a contractor, be sure they are legal and credible. They need to have a license for the plumbing and electrical work involved in bathroom renovations Perth. Also only appoint a contractor who is fully insured. Talk to past clients and make sure the contractor showed up on time and completed the renovation project to the client’s satisfaction.   

3) Check they have experience – Experience helps with a lot of things. An experienced contractor with a long track record can complete projects more quickly, do the work to a higher standard and can problem-solve on-the-fly. Look not just at the experience as a builder or renovator, but also look at the size and magnitude of project the projects they’ve previous taken on.

4) Look at what other clients have to say – As previously mentioned, talking to past clients is a great way to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of any bathroom renovation company Perth. Find out about your potential contractor’s work ethic, attitude on site, communication, professionalism and so on.


When you are hoping to get bathroom renovations Perth, consider the points above so you engage a trustworthy company who can achieve the results you are hoping for. The more information you can obtain during your research, the better!

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