Choosing The Right Commercial Space

When you are starting a new business venture one of the big choices you need to make is where you are going to establish yourself whether it be offices, or perhaps considering commercial shops for sale in Kolkata. There are a lot of factors to consider to ensure you choose a location that is conducive to your business being as successful as it can be. You also need to think about what other amenities are nearby, how customers will locate you, storage space and more. Here is a look at some of the things you should think about as you decide what commercial space is right for you.

Finding the perfect commercial setting

  • Consider the location – When you are looking for office space for sale in Kolkata. It is a very important part of how successful your business might become. A shop location or hotel location needs to be where people are, or at least where people would want to head out to because of the views or some such. An office location makes sense in the heart of the city so that it is accessible to investors, clients, employees and more. It also makes advertising and marketing easier. Being in the right location close to the people that want your services and products is going to be better, especially for a new business still establishing its customers.
  • How convenient is it for employees, clients or customers – As mentioned above if you are not convenient to get to, there needs to be a very good reason that pulls people to you. As well as thinking about clients and customers you need your workers to get there too. Do most of them drive so is there parking space? Do a lot of them use city transportation so you need to be close to public transport stops. Balance the cost of getting into to work with what you are paying them otherwise some will not feel a longer or more expensive effort is worth it.
  • Are you renting or buying – One of the big decisions you face is are you looking for a rented space or commercial shops for sale in Kolkata. Leasing gives you the flexibility of moving when your business grows and you do not have to handle the maintenance and repairs of the property. Buying means you have an asset that will appreciate. Think about how suitable the commercial space is. It might be great for a shop but less so for an office. Also, consider the amenities that are around it.
  • How big a space do you need – Another thing to think about is the floor space you need. Are you buying or leasing somewhere for the size you are now and what about if you grow in five years? How many employees do you have or do you hope to have? Do you need a large storage area as well?


By thinking about the points above you can better choose a space for your needs whether that is looking for office space for sale in Kolkata, looking at leasing and other options.

Bio – Boasts of a towering structure with 15 floors of modular office spaces to suit small office requirements along with scalable options. Built over 1 acre land, the Building with 5 levels of parking in the 3 podiums and 2 basements and retail area in the Ground and Mezzanine floors, creates the unique combination of Office space complemented with retail zones to cater to the occupants and the vicinity.

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