Coinsurance: Consultation orders, welfare vouchers, and prescription books

Coinsurance: Consultation orders, welfare vouchers, and prescription books

When IAPOS members make a medical consultation with a professional provider of social work, they must submit a consultation order. On the other hand, each practice authorized by the Social Work corresponds to the delivery of welfare vouchers. The amount of vouchers to deliver depends on the complexity of the service to be performed and is informed by the online authorization system when the practice is authorized.

The consultation order and the assistance or hospitalization vouchers represent the coinsurance paid by the member for the health benefit received.

IAPOS makes available to its affiliates different channels for acquiring these coinsurances, such as Red Link ATMs, the Santa Fe Servicios Premises network, through the Banco de Santa Fe Home banking system, and Outlets of the Obra Social. The way of operating by any of these means can be consulted in channels of acquisition of consultation orders, welfare vouchers, and drug prescription books.

Likewise, in some benefits, the possibility of debiting the coinsurance from the bank account of the IAPOS holder is available consultation, avoiding the management of the purchase of orders or assistance vouchers.

Consultation orders such as assistance vouchers can be used for internships carried out at any provider in the province of Santa Fe regardless of where they have been acquired. Both the orders and the bonds acquired in the name of the holder can be used by the latter or by his family group in charge of the social work.

Coinsurance debit to the bank account

With this modality, the value of the coinsurance, that is, the amount equivalent to the assistance vouchers that correspond to the benefit received will be debited from the bank account of the holder of the social worker.

To use this service, the holder affiliates must adhere, for a single time, to the debit of coinsurance by bank account, which is done online, entering the provincial intranet page where they currently view and print their pay stubs. On the intranet, you will find the link to the site that will allow you to join or disengage from the debit, check the coinsurance that was debited for practices carried out, and make complaints about debited benefits that were not received.

Once the adhesion is made, for each practice carried out, the beneficiaries must sign a coinsurance coupon to the provider where the amount to be debited from the bank account of the holder member will be indicated.

In principle, this service will be enabled for workers in the provincial public administration, decentralized organizations, and their dependents in IAPOS, starting with the dental services provided in the departments of La Capital, Las Colonias, San Cristobal, Garay, San Javier, July 9 and Vera.

Medication recipe books

IAPOS drug recipes can be printed free of charge from the web or can be purchased for a fee at IAPOS service centers (except at the Central Headquarters in the town of Rosario).

Consultation orders and assistance vouchers free of charge

They can be printed from the web and will be free of charge only for the following cases:

  • Affiliates with different capacities registered in the social work as such and enrolled in the system;
  • Pregnant women from the third month of gestation to 30 days after delivery who have proven their status in IAPOS and enrolled in the system;
  • Children up to one year of age;
  • Children under 12 years of age for exclusive dental use;
  • Women between 18 and 55 years of age for Pap smears (once a year).
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