Complete Guide of How to Manufacture and Customize Beauty Boxes


Beauty products are in high demand. But one thing to consider here is that not every beauty product is used to highlight one’s facial features. Some are used to make the person glow and feel healthy and comfortable in one’s skin. These are times when people are living in a virtual world. In this world, where filters and photoshop make everything perfect, insecurities also increase. But some people like to nourish their skin by using various beauty products. And like to keep their life 100% real. Well, anyways, makeup products are of various types. And each one of them gives a different effect on our skin. Sometimes, when we like a product, we keep purchasing it for the rest of our life. Why? Well, basically whenever we purchase a new product, we are testing our skin. And the results might not always be favorable.

But what Keeps our Product so Fresh and Nourishing?

Why exactly did we pick those beauty products off the shelf at first? The reason is simple; it is the packaging. Whatever the situation the company goes through, packaging plays a big role in it. Now, the question is, what features of these boxes keep the product fresh? And if we were to start a business, what box should we use. And how should we customize them to increase our sales? If you are curious, then keep reading. Let us discuss a complete guide on manufacturing and customizing a beauty box.

1.  Use the Perfect Box:

Each box gets manufactured with distinct packaging material. But their goal is to secure the item from harm. These are the boxes getting used in the beauty industry. They contain the features ideal beauty boxes should have.

  • Two-piece box:
  • Rigid metalize box:
  • Rigid magnetic box:
  • Sleeve box:
  • Box with inserts:
  • Cardboard and corrugated boxes.

2. Choose The Suitable Color Palette:

Color affects our choices every day. And that is why the designer gives a lot of time in deciding the color theme for your product branding. Study different palettes and find soothing colors for your beauty products. But as each item has its unique features, you must also consider that while choosing a color.

3.   Never Underestimate the Importance of a Brand Logo:

Imagine walking up to a product that looks promising. You examine it and decide to buy it. But the logo is slightly blurred out. Would you purchase the product? Well, even if you have used the product for years, you still won’t take a chance. The packaging makes a big difference to our product sales. Sometimes a customer purchases your product solely because of our packaging. But a bad design also repels the clients. So always print the logo on your custom beauty boxes with an advanced printing method so that it could last longer.

4.   Does Foiling and Hot Stamping Impress the Customers:

Foiling is the process of overlapping the box with foil with heat or pressure. Other than that, there is a technique that uses pre-dirend ink and heat to transfer the design. It is known as hot stamping. It could be done on any material including cardboard, paper, rigid box. Both of these techniques give an instant luxurious look to our modest packaging boxes.

5.   Impress the Customer with Product Appearance:

Attracting the customer with packaging is not an easy task. A customer might walk up to your product and examine it. But how do we make the customer keep the product to itself and place it instantly in the shopping cart? Well, it’s not an easy task. But many professional designers have designed boxes that impress the customer at first sight.

But when it comes to beauty products, you might also need to know how to imprint the relevant info. You must have noticed that many beauty item packaging has the product feature written on them. And when we purchase an item, we read those features first. If you write them in fancy words, with the fitting theme highlighting them, you might secure a customer. So instead of printing useless patterns on the box, choose the proper theme and font.

6.      Use 100% Organic Packaging Material:

The importance of organic beauty box packaging cannot be ignored. These days we cannot use a non-organic box. Not because we would receive negative comments from the customers. But because it also affects our products negatively. Beauty products are fragile by nature. One wrong step you take, and you ruin all your products. So make sure that when you choose a box, it is 100% organic. Cardboard boxes and rigid packaging are organic, durable, and customizable. These boxes secure the item from visible and invisible harm.

7.   Effect of Color Psychology on Packaging:

Color psychology refers to the study of colors and their effect on human behaviors and psychology. Colors play such a crucial role in our life. Daily we make several decisions, and often we do it by examining the appearance of the product. For example, if we were to purchase a product, we examine it thoroughly. And from its appearance, we judge the product quality. But other than that, we also try to judge the product’s unique feature from the color of custom beauty boxes. Let us take an example. You purchase chapstick. The chapstick is in various flavors. Now, if you want the mango-flavored one, you would instantly pick the yellow-colored packaging. By seeing the yellow color, you would instantly assume the product’s nature. It also saves the time of both consumers and sellers.

Now, different colors also have a different effect on many people. If a color instantly brings a charm to your packaging. Then another color would make it look downright ugly. And hence choosing the right color palette is the most essential task of all. While branding, professional designers spend a lot of time picking a suitable color. Now, use a suitable color palette. And give a refreshing look to your beauty boxes from USA packaging providers to bring ease to your customer through your packaging.

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