Complete Guide On How To Connect Rectangular Ductwork Together

connect rectangular ductwork together

Residential rectangular ductwork is a component of your HVAC system. It transports heated or cooled air from the furnace to the living area. It returns the same amount of air from the living area to the furnace. You can also check a guide on furnace vs boiler to know their key differences. This process mixes the air and maintains proper air pressure in the house. According to professionals, this is important in closed windows and doors. This article will have a complete guide on connecting rectangular ductwork.

Types of Ductwork

The ductwork consists of either round or rectangular sheet metal pieces. However, These parts connect to distribute air throughout the house. Thus, It is necessary to understand how to connect the ductwork. Hence,To achieve a proper connection to cut leeks and maximize efficiency.

Individual duct parts connect using two methods: frames and slip joints. However, A third method involves a system of ‘drive cleats.’ Something we will not use. Learn the proper insulation method when ducting mapped through unusual spaces such as attics and crawl spaces.

It is vulnerable to inadequate insulation, resulting in heat loss. With proper planning, you can avoid this. However, a duct is more efficient at delivering the desired climate. It is not always as easy to install as rectangular HVAC ductwork. Squared edges are easier to work within tight spaces. Take care not to buy ductwork that is too small. It can result in both noise and inefficiency.


Connecting ducts can be a simple process if you know what you are doing. When connecting HVAC ductwork in your home, you must follow the instructions. If you take the wrong step, your home may lack an air conditioner or heater. By correctly assembling your ductwork, you will not only save money on future repairs. You will also make your home more energy-efficient. When installing ductwork in your home.

It is critical to read the instruction manual that comes with it. Here are some procedural steps:


Connect the two “L” shaped pieces that make up the duct section. The long sides of the “L” shaped pieces have been channeled. The top and bottom end edges are straight, with U-channels on the sides. One “L” should be upon its straight edge. Pick up the other “L” and push it up to the top of the first “L.” It connects the side channels and forms a rectangular section.


Slide the two S-hooks onto the rectangles’ straight edges. S-hooks are bars shaped like a “Z.” The S-hooks run along the straight edges. The “Z” shape creates opposing edges for connecting rectangular duct sections.


Place a second duct section next to the first. Insert the straight edges of the second section. Then into the channels of the first section’s S-hooks.


Place a drive cleat at the top of the now-side-by-side U-channels. Then, Push down and engage the channels. Lastly, Tap the drive cleat on with the hammer if the U-channels have dinged or bent edges. Before continuing with this process, use the screwdriver to straighten them out before proceeding with this task. The drive cleat should be one or two inches above and below the U-channels. Repeat on the opposite side of the duct section.


Tap the hammer on the leftover pieces of the drive cleats that stick above and below the ductwork to bend them. Tap the surplus sections of the drive cleats on the duct until the ends are flat. It will secure all the parts.


Tape the ducts’ seams together. Smooth the tape to achieve an airtight connection. It will help your HVAC system run more effectively.


While connecting rectangular ductwork, whether in a house or a commercial facility. There are a few more factors to keep in mind: below.


First, always verify with your state. To see what the building code laws are for HVAC installation. Some states have very strict regulations. Before beginning the operation, it’s critical to be aware of them. It would help if you also double-checked with your insurance company. Some insurance providers will cancel your home insurance if you do that work on your house.


Suppose you’re looking for ducting material to install in your home. It is critical to select a product that will last. It’s critical to buy from a firm that offers high-quality products and is well-versed in its field. Do your homework before purchasing your materials. Learn about the different types of ducts available for your home. Certain ductwork may be suitable for one home but not for another. But you can find them at the air duct cleaning Roswell.


It is critical to wear protective equipment when installing ducts in your home. Before you begin any project, make sure you have goggles, work gloves, a helmet, and a mask on hand. You never know what kind of issues you’ll run into during the installation process. It’s always a good idea to be ready and wear the appropriate safety equipment.


The HVAC system, like any other installation. It needs maintenance and cares regularly. Suppose you don’t clean and maintain the system. The system’s performance will worsen, and the system will finally fail. According to Air duct cleaning Roswell, Regular maintenance is important. It ensures that the HVAC system performs and lasts for a long period.

The ductwork in your home or business is one of the most overlooked and underappreciated components of any HVAC system. Your ductwork aids in distributing healthy, clean air throughout your home. It also guarantees that the air is clean and significantly affects overall performance. Air duct cleaning Roswell will save on energy for Property owners. For air duct sanitizing, Roswell, GA, or anywhere else. You can rely on the services of qualified pros to do the task. It is the most effective strategy to guarantee that your system is functioning.

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