Complete Guide on Out of Office Message Examples

Complete Guide on Out of Office Message Examples

Presume you are out of your office and in your absence, a major client of yours or a new business deal came to your doorstep and tries to contact you, as you are not reachable and haven’t specified whom to contact in which situation and lastly, this whole unprofessionalism scenario end up in losing that clients and business deal.

Yup, it sounds horrible, that is why we are introducing you with Out of Office message.

The first question you might have is, “What is an Out of Office message? Or its benefits or how it works?

We can sense your curiosity and we are so pleased to answer all the queries for you.
So shall we begin?

What is An Out of Office Message?

If we have to put it in simple words, Out of office Message is an Auto Revert feature that allows, in your absence, to respond to the incoming mails and messages regarding when to or who to contact when you are not present or on a medical or vacation.

You just have to set time, date, and message for the particular period, so that Out Of Office Messages will go out only on the configured days.

Now, let’s take a sneak peek at Out of office message virtues and know why out of office reply is vital for an organization.

Importance of Out of Office Reply/Message

Out of office message plays a vital role for an organization, it depicts the attributes which showcase your professionalism and concern towards your work.

See Nobody wants or say likes that their Emails or message gets ignored, as this could put an adverse effect on your Business Relationships and exactly that’s where Out of Office Message enters and lets the recipient know that you are not available right but will get back to you on soon as you get back to work.

It lets the Recipient know when to contact you or who to contact in your absence so that you won’t lose any major client or business deals.

Best Out of Office Message

For your convenience, we have gathered some examples for you so that you get a crystal clear image of what you should include in the Out of office message and what it should look like.

What to include in Out of Office Message?

  • Reasons why are not present or out of the office.
  • When will you return and the day’s frame for when you are out of the office.
  • Modes to reach you such as Your phone number or email address etc.
  • Details such as Name, Email address or phone number of the person, who will take care of, in your absence.

Now let’s take a look at Some of the Best Out of Office Message Examples

Best Out of Office message Examples.

Thank you for your message. Due to being out of the office today, I cannot access my email. I will be returning on Mar 21. If you require immediate assistance before then, you may get in touch with me through [phone number].”

I will be out from July 2-15. For crucial matters, you can email or call Tobey Maguire at [email and phone number].”


We hope that the information we have provided in the context of out of office message and its importance plus example will help you in setting up a productive and desired Out of office message which depicts your professionalism.

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