Contemporary vs. Modern Furniture Stores in London. What to Expect?

Modern Furniture

You can equip your home with modern furniture to decorate it in a modern style. Nonetheless, you may also have heard about contemporary furniture. Usually, people use the term contemporary and modern for modern furniture, yet modern and contemporary furniture is different. Modern furniture dates back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. Thus, you will find the elements of the modern era in the furniture you may buy from modern furniture stores in London. Additionally, Buona Furniture is a modern furniture store where you will find high-quality modern furniture at affordable rates.

Contemporary furniture is a term that refers to furniture that’s on-trend. In other words, contemporary furniture represents present-day furniture which you can also buy from modern furniture stores. Moreover, you can realize why furniture buyers often use the terms contemporary and modern furniture interchangeably. 

Modern vs. Contemporary Furniture

Modern furniture items are about functionality and accessibility, unlike contemporary furniture that hasn’t limitations considering colours, shapes, and materials. Both contemporary and modern furniture are quite minimal when it comes to designs. Nonetheless, you must clarify the differences between two furniture styles to know what you are buying from a furniture store. 

Modern Furniture Stores vs. Contemporary Furniture Stores

Typically, modern furniture stores deal in both modern and contemporary style furniture. Nevertheless, some furniture stores distinguish themselves from modern furniture stores because they only deal in contemporary furniture. Here’s how you may differentiate between modern and contemporary furniture stores:

Furniture Type:

In modern furniture stores, you can find both contemporary and modern furniture pieces. Contrarily, contemporary furniture stores deal in furniture that’s trending in the current era. You can also differentiate between furniture in modern and contemporary furniture stores while considering the line sand shapes on furniture. The lines and shapes on modern furniture items aren’t much colder and starker, unlike contemporary furniture despite sharing minimalism. Hence, modern home décor gives a much warmer feel with more layers, organic elements, a slightly earthier and cozier vibe.   

Modern Movement Furniture vs. Ever-Changing Furniture:

Modern furniture stores deal in furniture items depicting the modernist movement. The modernist movement favoured functional furniture pieces with clean lines and minimal unnecessary decoration. Hence, modern furniture stores vend functional furniture items with minimal design elements. Clean lines, sleek shapes, accessible materials, restrained palettes, natural accents, and tapered furniture legs are distinctive attributes of modern furniture. You may buy modern furniture for modern home decor from one of the modern furniture stores in London or online.

Contemporary furniture stores sell furniture items featuring ever-changing designs. However, contemporary furniture incorporates a lot of smooth and sleek finishes identical to materials. Clean lines, quirky/chunky shapes, sleek & industrial materials, stark colours, and low-slung furniture items are hallmarks of contemporary furniture. 

These are the core differences between modern and contemporary furniture stores considering the furniture they deal in.

How to Make Your Residential Space Look More Modern 

You can make your home look more modern while keeping the following things in mind for furniture:

  1. Know how you may like to use your home space to equip it with the right modern furniture.
  2. Favour modern furniture items with accessible materials for modern home décor.
  3. Add drama to your residential space while bringing some classic modern furniture in it.
  4. Keep embellishments to a minimum for pleasant modern home décor.

How to Make Your Residential Space Look More Contemporary 

You can make your home look more contemporary while keeping the following things in mind for furniture:

  1. Make sure you have low-slung furniture, such as a sofa, in your home space to give it a contemporary look.
  2. Set a high-contrast colour scheme for contemporary home décor. 
  3. Furnish your home with sturdy and smooth furniture to add sleek finishing touches to your home.
  4. Include negative space while going for minimal with sleek, new, and sparse furniture.


You may have often used the terms “modern” and “contemporary” interchangeably for furniture. Nonetheless, modern furniture and contemporary furniture aren’t the same. Modern furniture items are more about functionality and accessibility, unlike contemporary furniture, which depicts present-day furniture despite sharing minimalism. Here are two major differences between contemporary and modern furniture stores in London:

  1. Modern furniture stores also deal in contemporary furniture besides modern furniture. However, contemporary furniture stores exclusively deal in contemporary furniture.
  2. Modern furniture stores vend furniture items depicting the modernist movement. Contrarily, contemporary furniture stores deal in present-day furniture with ever-changing styles.
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