How To Choose the Right Custom mailer Boxes?

custom mailer boxes

If you want to include your logo, company message, name, or logo on your product packaging, You can get custom mailer boxes. However, first, you must find a reliable wholesaler. It is best if you get quotes from several companies. In this way, you’ll be aware of the typical price of customized printed boxes. Furthermore, you’ll be aware of the high-quality your boxes need to be made of. The next step is to pick the style and pattern of your custom mailer boxes.

Custom Boxes Packaging for Small Products

Custom-designed boxes for packaging small items like chocolates, cookies, candies, soaps, etc., similar items are best packaged in custom boxes. These boxes are light and easily transportable by shipping vans. Additionally, the small dimensions of these boxes make them ideal for customized packaging. In addition, they’re incredibly affordable in small quantities.

Boxes for big or giant Items, On the other hand, If you need to send a massive amount of products, it is recommended to use custom-designed boxes. These boxes are incredibly versatile as they can transport virtually any kind of product and are suitable for any business. However, it is essential to be aware of how to determine the weights of your products. You can find this information in the majority of packaging materials. There’s a particular number that indicates the weight. If the box you are using doesn’t match the requirements, your order is rejected.

Custom Boxes for Eco-friendly Packaging

There are many businesses today which specialize in environmentally friendly packaging. If you’re in the market for environmentally friendly packaging, you should consider purchasing eco-friendly boxes for your products. When you purchase these boxes, you’ll not create harm to the surroundings. These boxes are constructed from recycled materials. Furthermore, they are typically available in various sizes, colours, designs and capacities. So, you’ll have a variety of options to customize your purchase.


These eco-friendly boxes were designed to stop the waste of food and human excrement. When these boxes are in use, there is no risk associated with the disposal of food items and human faeces. But the question remains: how can we identify which items are recyclable and what are not?

So, with that stated, we suggest always buying safe packaging for your food. With this being said, we’ll later discuss recyclable packaging boxes. Food-safe packaging options available on the market generally conform to the specifications for food recycling. That means that a majority of them are safe.

Custom Printed Boxes

When printing custom boxes, printing colour is a significant factor. As we mentioned previously, food recyclers require recyclable packaging, so the process of printing in colour is essential. This is why a majority of these containers are made from eco-friendly inks, which are environmentally friendly. The most well-known source of soybean oil today is that it is eco-friendly. Apart from that, it is also available in many shapes and sizes.


Another aspect to consider when buying customized printed custom mailer boxes is the packaging methods used. These mailers are filled with polystyrene or foam; however, others are packed with corrugated paperboard. The reason is that foam is thought to be the most suitable material for packaging as it can stand up to pressure.

If you are dealing with corrugated paperboard, it’s known to break easily, particularly if exposed to high temperatures. This is why it is suggested that you choose a supplier that uses high-quality materials or goes with a brand that uses eco-friendly materials.


Not least, when you are ordering packaging boxes wholesale solutions, it is essential to determine if the business offers support for customers. If they do not provide any support for customers they do not, it is wise to choose a different provider. Any company that is willing to assist their customers in resolving their problems is one worth purchasing from. In addition, customer service will make sure that you are pleased with your purchase and delivery time. Always remember these suggestions when choosing the best box for your needs.

After you’ve made the process of choosing your shipping box, you can then ship your items and attach shipping labels and labels with information about the item on the box. The printer for labels will be your reliable shipping companion.

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