Custom NiCd & NiMH Battery Packs: Back to Basics

NiMH Battery Packs

Nickel Cadmium cells, batteries and other battery types are best for the environment. These units are also known as NiMH and are known for their outstanding performance. They are almost identical to Nickel Metal Hydride in terms of their charge and voltage characteristics. Both can be used interchangeably. There are however some differences. This article will provide more information about the technology. Learn more.

First, these power packs can be your best choice if the goal is to save the environment. These power packs can replace D, C, or AA batteries.

Basics of NiMH Battery Technology

There are many reasons that custom NiCd & NiMH battery packs can be used all over the world. These power packs are very versatile and have many outstanding features. Below are the key features of these power packs.

1. Environmental Impact

NiMH is the most environmentally-friendly battery, and NiCd batteries fall behind them. NiCd batteries contain cadmium, which can be harmful for the environment. The EU Battery Directive mandates that NiCd units be disposed of as soon as possible.

Even though cadmium is no longer used in NiMH cell, mining and processing of many other metals can pose a threat to the environment. The good news is that most of the nickel can be recovered without difficulty after the units are retired.

2. Specific Energy Density

Nickel Metal Hydride batteries offer a higher level in energy density. This is the ability to store more energy in a given volume of nickel metal hydride batteries. It is typically betwe=en 60 to 100 W/h per kilogram. NiCd can hold between 40 and 60 watts. Another great characteristic of these powerhouses is their NiCd capacity.

3. Output Voltage

They also have 1.2 Volts per cell, just like a NiCd. This is a great feature. These units can also be used to replace older units.

4. Charging

To determine the charge level, many NiCd chargers require a higher terminal voltage. This voltage boost is negligible, however. The great thing about NiMH cells is their tendency to overcharge. This means that you need to take extra care when charging these batteries.

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5. Self-Discharge Rate

If stored in an environment that is conducive to their discharge, the NiMH cells will self-discharge at 3% per seaming.

These are just a few of the essentials of a custom NiCd & NiMH battery packs supplier. These batteries offer some unique features that make them stand out from other options.

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