To begin, let’s define what Custom Pillow Boxes and Packaging are and how I would go about designing and making paper pillow box packaging.

Custom Pillow Boxes and Packaging

Custom Pillow Boxes and Packaging are type of folding box that is distinct from the others in that it has a pillow inside. Instead of the more traditional custom box, this is a less expensive and more modern alternative that is nonetheless functional. Throughout this guide, we’ve gathered all of the most important information on Custom Pillow Boxes and Packaging into one accessible area. This includes information on the definition, usage, design, and pricing of bespoke pillow box packing, among other things.

What Is a Pillow Box and How Does It Work? What Is a Pillow Box and How Does It Work?

As with folding boxes, the majority of pillow boxes are delivered flat due to the fact that they are only connected to one flap on one side of the box. In addition to giving them a distinct personality, the curved form distinguishes them from other types of packaging. It is also possible to use a range of finishing techniques, including as blind embossing and hot foil embossing, on the product.

The pillow box has only one longitudinal seam, which runs the length of the box. In addition to the cost savings, this has the additional benefit of providing greater storage space. The boxes are shipped flat, which saves space while also making it possible to store them in a suitable manner. A pillow box can be used in a variety of ways due to the fact that it can be opened and closed in both directions at the same time. Additionally, the curved ends give a secure closure that removes the need for additional fasteners.

How Should Pillow Boxes Be Packaged? What Products Should Be Packaged in Pillow Boxes?

Using pillow packaging for a variety of applications, such as jewellery packaging, cosmetic packaging, and as a promotional item at events and trade shows, can be aesthetically pleasing, effective, and unique. The use of printed pillow boxes in fashion packaging and high-quality sample packaging are two other applications for printed pillow boxes. Throw pillows into the mix, and you have a pillow box that is more usually associated with glass packing than anything else. Additionally, the cushion pack box is a fantastic option for giving as a gift on a variety of occasions. You may be able to make some recommendations. Incorporate several different flavours of tea, candies, chocolates, cookies, seeds, jewellery, or any other small gift within the box to make it more interesting.

How Do You Make a Pillow Box, Specifically?

A pillow box can be constructed in an easy fashion. Because of the employment of an adhesive flap, only two pages are adhered to one another. Finally, the two wings on either side of the pillow box are folded inwards to complete the homemade craft. 

Is there a specific type of cardboard that may be used to construct pillow boxes?

Custom Pillow Boxes and Packaging can be made out of a range of different types of cardboard, whether printed or unprinted, depending on the design. Because the purpose dictates the material selection, it can range from high-quality duplex cardboard to fine white cardboard to corrugated cardboard, depending on the application, depending on the application. In order to keep costs down, we use high-quality grey cardboard for the pillow box whenever possible. On one side of the cardboard is a smooth white surface covering, whilst the other side is uncoated and matte, as shown above. Another advantage is that it has high stability in addition to having favourable printing properties. In order to punch, crease, and fold cardboard, it is necessary to consider the processability of the cardboard. Since both kraft and white paper are food-safe, you won’t have to purchase any additional items.

What is the most efficient method of printing pillow boxes?

A range of various printing processes, including screen printing, can be used to create pillow packs for different occasions. Have your printed pillow box digitally printed if you want it to be produced quickly and economically while still maintaining high quality standards. Offset printing is widely used for large-scale manufacturing runs because of its low cost. The amount of different sorts and colours of cardboard that are available is nearly limitless, as well. A wide range of printing services are available to fulfil the demands of any business, ranging from standard four-color printing to full special colour manufacturing. Additionally, it is possible to add a viewing glass in a pillow box; the size of the viewing glass is dictated by the dimensions of the box. Determining whether or not the package should be protected by a film is an important consideration. Typically, when it comes to finishing pillow boxes, the use of cellophane wrapping or hot foil stamping is employed in order to attract attention at the point of sale.

Custom pillow boxes are quite inexpensive, which makes them a popular choice.

To put it another way, the cost per box is significantly influenced by the quantity of boxes that are purchased and created. Cushion packing prices are affected by a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, those listed below:

  • The format and size of the document are crucial considerations.
  • The printing design of the box’s printing is a unique design.
  • In what kind of material it was constructed
  • Using finishing procedures to enhance the appearance
  • It is reasonable to expect to pay between 0.5 and 1 dollar per item if you acquire 500 pieces of colour printed pillow boxes.

Pillow Boxes Made to Order at Wholesale Prices

Interested in learning more about our printed pillow box packaging solutions or our bespoke box packaging solutions? Get in touch with us right now. Paper pillow pack boxes are a specialty of Bespoke Pillow Boxes and Packaging, which is a low-cost custom manufacturing company that specialises in them. We encourage you to contact us if you have any special requests or concerns. We would be delighted to be of service to you!

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