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The elders have greater difficulty filling up their to-do-list with limited mobility. If you are one of them and want to stay independent while meeting your daily routine works. Then you should modify your home with the right bathroom & kitchen modifications.

While living in New Jersey, it’s challenging to trust a reliable home modification provider. But after reading this article, you will be sure to say that you have chosen the right and affordable one. 

Here in this piece of writing, you will find some user-friendly modulations for the bathroom & kitchen and their installation companies to trust. Let’s put some Bathroom modifications for elderly into the spotlight and how they enhance the capability of seniors with disabilities.

Grab bars

It is a fact that bathrooms are the riskiest place in the house that causes injuries to seniors. Grab bars for the elderly are the best modulation to help them sit and stand during the bath and ensure security from falling and slipping. 

Handheld Showers

When people with less mobility have difficulty during the shower, they find some solutions to get rid of this problem; what is better than installing a handheld shower in the bathroom to enjoy a safe and easy bath in this situation. Having the right and quality handheld shower reduces the risk of falling and tripling. 

Walk-in shower & Bathtubs

As a senior, do you face problems during the bath? Then you should go with the best bathroom modifications for the disabled. Walk-in showers and bathtubs are your first choice to manage this situation. 

By installing a walk-in shower, you can easily walk in the shower without climbing from the side, and it does not have any threshold or barrier to step over. 

Walk-in bathtubs are the optimal solution to enjoy a relaxable and safe bath for people with limited mobility. Having such bathtubs make your bathing experience enjoyable and accessible.  

Let’s dive together to explore Kitchen modifications for the disabled.

Kitchen remodeling aims to move from room to cook for people with disabilities. Mostly in kitchen modification, there are some key features that you have to install in the kitchen to provide seniors with a user-friendly work routine. 

Lower mounted kitchen cabinet

With age, every work looks like a daunting task. And when it comes to completing the to-do list of kitchen work, you have to be intelligent and innovative.

By installing kitchen cabinets with lower mounts, you will find a significant change in your life as they provide a hassle-free drawers digging-out facility to you.

You can move your wheelchair towards the cabinets and find the required items to cook even though you don’t have to bend or turn to open the cabinets. Today, various Kitchen cabinets modification companies are available. So go ahead, mix and match to suit your requirements.

Roll under sink

If you modify your kitchen for seniors, you should install a roll under the sink for them to safely and easily move their wheelchairs to finish their kitchen work.

For instance, if you place height sinks, shelves, and countertops, a wheelchair user cannot reach that. They will find it difficult, and if they try hard to get that might cause them harm. 

Therefore, always go for the roll under the sink in which the legs of the person who uses a wheelchair go under the table and they comfortably manage to cut the vegetables or wash the dishes. 

Final Remarks

Getting a reliable company in New Jersey for bathroom modification is not easy. But if you look at SPN Construction Mobility, your trust gets more solid and reliable. 

They are a well-established and trustworthy service provider near you with a range of home modifications. Whether you are going to choose bathroom or kitchen modulations for seniors, they provide you all at affordable rates. 

Another advantage of working with them is that they prioritize your requirements instead of implementing their own choices that make your home fully modified according to the need of seniors. 

Moreover, they access your mobility needs, and you will get personalized advice from their experts about what suits you best. They will be honest with you and give you the best suggestions, so contact them and improve the quality of your life. 

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