Development Updates of the Capital Smart City

Development Updates of the Capital Smart City

Development Updates of the Capital Smart City

Habib Rafiq Private Limited (HRL) and Future Development Holdings Ltd are developing Capital Smart City, a residential project. This article contains the most recent Capital Smart City development work updates, as well as the most recent development images from the site.


NoC Updated in July 2021 has acquired an extended and amended NoC of 17,602 Kanals, as well as preliminary planning clearance for the development of this region. With a total of 25,000 Kanals NoC certified land from RDA, it has now become Pakistan’s Largest NoC Approved Smart Housing Project. Additional approvals are being sought.

Overseas Block

The first block to take ownership is Overseas East (Overseas Block phase-1). Possession has been proclaimed in Overseas East sectors A through K.

The development work in the Overseas block is moving at a breakneck pace. The majority of the leveling and road construction is finished, and mapping is underway. Earthwork is also progressing quickly in Overseas East (Overseas-1) and Overseas Central.

Harmony Residential

Harmony Residential is a housing development in Overseas Block D. The building work for the aforementioned project is being completed quickly.

Smart Villas

In the Overseas block, the development of Smart Villas has already begun and is progressing quickly.

Prior to the development of smart villas in the OS Prime block, soil testing is also underway. Foundation plans are also being engraved on the ground in preparation for the building to begin.

Overseas Prime

Overseas Prime is currently being developed. Earthwork and asphalt work are being completed quickly.

Executive Block

The land is also being cleared and leveled on the location of the Executive Block. Sewerage pipes are being constructed, and Smart Villa development has begun.

After Overseas-1, the executive block phase-1 is anticipated to take possession. As a result, rapid growth is also taking place in the Executive block.

Lake View Terrace

Smart Villa building has already begun in both the Executive and Overseas blocks.

Capital Hills

The 18-hole flagship golf course at Capital Hills at Capital Smart City is flanked by villas and apartments. Capital Hills’ construction has begun with earthwork and cutting in process.

Lake View Heights

Lake View Heights is being built quickly to guarantee that the luxury flats are ready for occupancy on schedule. The Lake Outlook Heights are being built in Overseas block C to give each apartment a picturesque view and to provide an experience akin to international living.

Access Roads

The construction of roadways in Capital Smart City is now underway. The access roads are being cleaned and built quickly in order to provide easy and direct access to the site. The National

Highway Authority has authorized the dedicated interchange on the M-2 highway (NHA). The Smart Interchange’s development is planned to begin soon. A portion of the La Mer road has been completed, kerbstones have been installed, and planting is in the works. The earthwork on the Ring Road has begun and is doing well.

Horticulture work

Horticulture work is being done as part of the green effort, alongside earthwork, leveling, and road building, so that the green belts and parks are ready to infuse life into the project by the time the development work is completed.

Capital Smart City has taken its green commitment to the next level by planting monsoon trees.

Access to Clean Water

Capital Smart City is building filtration facilities to supply clean water to its citizens. Furthermore, water tanks are being built to assure the continuous supply of clean water.


Capital Smart City’s development work is moving at a breakneck rate. It is widely assumed in Islamabad’s real estate market that the Smart City’s development work is moving at the fastest pace of any of the planned housing societies.

As a result, real estate investors and end-users appear to be pleased with Capital Smart City’s excellent job. The Islamabad real estate market appears to be comfortable and satisfied with Habib Rafiq’s speed of development activities.

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