Do I have to buy car insurance? Which car insurance must I buy?

Do I have to buy car insurance? Many people choose carefully when buying a car, but they are careless at the stage of buying insurance, and they say that it is difficult to settle a claim after the car is in an accident. Not all of them are the responsibility of the insurance company. When purchasing auto insurance, the insured should first ask about the types of auto insurance and which types of insurance must be purchased, find the right auto insurance product for them.

Do I have to buy car insurance

The difference between novice and veteran car insurance is that

many novice drivers buy a self-driving car as soon as they get their driver’s license. This situation is very common in China. Although the novice drives more carefully but is inexperienced, some bumpy things will inevitably happen. So for beginners, we generally recommend buying several types of insurance. Instead of taking chances, it’s just a matter of buying compulsory insurance. You know, once an accident occurs, the money you need to spend is much more than the investment in buying insurance that you saved at that time.

Therefore, in addition to “compulsory traffic insurance”, novices should also purchase “vehicle loss insurance”. To ensure that you can get enough compensation in the event of an accident with your vehicle. The amount of compensation for compulsory traffic insurance is relatively low, for larger accidents, such as hitting someone, or hitting a luxury vehicle such as a Mercedes-Benz BMW and causing road damage. Compulsory insurance is not enough. Therefore, you should buy “third-party liability insurance”, and the insured amount should not be too low, preferably between 100,000 and 200,000. If you are not very sure, 500,000 insured amount is also possible.

At the same time, don’t forget that if you buy vehicle damage insurance or third-party liability insurance, it’s best to buy “without deductibles”. This is not a lot of money, but the effect is very significant. Of course, for newbies who are prone to more rubbing accidents, “without deductible” should also be purchased. Otherwise, some companies have a deductible amount. Although the number is not large, it will deduct some each time, and the owner will bear more losses. Some minor accidents may cost only a few hundred yuan. After deducting the deductible, the compensation obtained is not cost-effective for the car owner. Especially for beginners, small accidents are more frequent.

Do you have to buy car insurance? 

Do you know if you already know it? Car owners can choose the one that suits them from different car insurance plans according to their actual situation. In addition, after choosing the type of insurance, it is also necessary to compare the prices well. Each item has a calculation formula, and you can find relevant agents and let them directly quote the final “preferential price”.

Do you have to buy car insurance? Car insurance is very important, and you need to shop around to buy car insurance. The comprehensive strength of the insurance company’s reputation, after-sales service, and reaction speed after an accident should be taken into consideration.

What car insurance must be bought

Car insurance is a consumer item that every car owner must buy, but many car owners do not know how to start in the face of many car insurances in the insurance market. Buying all car insurance is not cost-effective, and if you don’t buy it yourself, you don’t feel relieved. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the role of car insurance. The following insurance network will tell you what kind of car insurance is necessary to buy.

One must buy car insurance

1. Compulsory insurance

The state stipulates that it must be purchased, and the charging standard is unified across the country. Others, personal injury and property damage are paid within the liability limit, but the amount of compensation is relatively low. The maximum compensation for death and disability is only 110,000, and the maximum compensation for medical expenses is only 10,000. Property damage The maximum compensation is only 2,000 yuan.

2. Vehicle damage insurance

Compensation for the loss of the car that the owner needs to bear, and the maximum compensation amount is the price of the new car.

3. Third-party liability insurance

Compensation for personal injury and property damage to others who are not accompanied by the compulsory traffic insurance that the owner must bear.

2. You can buy car insurance according to the environment of the car

1. Driver’s seat liability insurance

Compensation for medical expenses related to personal injury or death of the driver and passengers in the vehicle, up to the insured amount.

2. Vehicle scratch insurance

Compensation for the scratches on the car body caused by the malicious behavior of others. If there are multiple accidents, the cumulative amount of compensation will be calculated.

3. Vehicle wading insurance

Covers the cost of repairing engine damage caused by flooding or silver wading.

3. No need to buy car insurance

1. Theft and rescue

Compensation for the vehicle loss caused by the theft and robbery of the entire vehicle. The maximum compensation amount is the depreciated price of the vehicle at the time of the theft and robbery. The stolen tires, mirrors, license plates, and other parts of the car are not covered by compensation.

2. Spontaneous combustion risk

Compensation for the loss of the vehicle itself caused by fire due to its reasons such as the aging of the vehicle line, and the amount of compensation is not higher than the actual value of the vehicle after depreciation. Older cars can consider purchasing this insurance.

3. Glass breakage risk alone

Pays for the loss of the windshield and window glass of the vehicle that is broken alone (excluding lights, mirror glass, sunroof glass).

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