Efficient Cannabis Consumption Following Your Weed Delivery in Guelph

Weed Delivery

Cannabis has gained popularity throughout Canada with time, and we shall see more cannabis products this year, too. Recreational cannabis smokers enjoy a variety of cannabis flowers and cannabis concentrates via smoking. You may also enjoy trying out cannabis strains and concentrates besides edibles recreationally. Additionally, you may ingest, smoke, or vape cannabis products to enjoy weed and benefit from its medical uses. In 2022, you may smoke cannabis efficiently while smoking less, saving money, and still getting the cannabis high. Furthermore, efficient marijuana consumption following your weed delivery in Guelph will help you save money. Plus, you won’t need to visit the cannabis dispensary very soon if you smoke marijuana efficiently. 

The Most Efficient Ways to Smoke Marijuana

Many methods exist to smoke cannabis; however, you may not know the most efficient way to smoke marijuana. The two most efficient smoking devices to smoke cannabis are a one-hitter and a dab rig. Nonetheless, the popular opinion is that dabbing is the most efficient way to get high. However, we challenge this opinion and claim that a one-hitter is the most efficient smoking device to smoke weed. We shall also prove it to you in this post. 

Why Is One-Hitter the Most Efficient Way to Smoke Weed?

Considering the components, such as your tolerance and cost of smoking marijuana can help you unveil the truth. Now, let’s tell you why one-hitter is the most efficient way to smoke weed:

One-hitters are the best smoking device to maintain a low tolerance and smoke the least while getting high. One-hitters are inexpensive to purchase as compared to a dab rig. Additionally, one-hitters can outlast a dab rig for years and save you more money over time. You may use the money you save to purchase an ounce of marijuana and micro-dose it for months. Hence, one-hitters are cheap and outlast dab rigs, making the former a more efficient smoking device than the latter.   

Moreover, smoking weed efficiently is about tolerance control while smoking less and saving more bud. You save money as well as your bud when you choose a one-hitter over a dab rig. Besides, you may choose to smoke weed via one-hitters and learn how to control your weed consumption. One-hitters help you enjoy the best of both worlds, saving money and your bud. On the other hand, smoking wax with a dab rig will destroy your tolerance fast and cost you more, too. Thus, one-hitters are the most efficient smoking device to consume buds following their weed delivery in Guelph to your doorsteps.

Why Isn’t a Dab Rig the Most Efficient Way to Smoke Weed?

If you choose to invest in a dab rig, you will need to purchase all the required accessories. The accessories you will need to purchase are a dab wand, carb cap, nail, and a butane torch. Furthermore, you will need to do a lot of cleaning work and need to buy cleaning solutions, too. Comparing the cost of one-hitters with dab rigs alongside the accessories reveals dab rigs are pricey. Therefore, purchasing the dab rigs won’t suit your wallet.

Over and above, purchasing concentrates for dab rigs will cost you enough money as they don’t come at cheap prices. Now, let’s come to the tolerance to smoke cannabis with a dab rig. You may have a moderately low tolerance level for marijuana that you can destroy smoking cannabis concentrates. Thus, a dab rig isn’t the most efficient way to smoke cannabis.

Micro-Dosing a One-Hitter

It’s time you know how to micro-dose cannabis with a one-hitter. Micro-dosing is a super easy and effective way to consume cannabis efficiently. You take the smallest cannabis dose with a one-hitter as possible, gradually increase it a little to get the desired THC high. You don’t  smoke more cannabis and raise your tolerance level micro-dosing a one-hitter. Hence, micro-dosing is an effective way to smoke cannabis in 2022


You can try out a variety of cannabis products in Guelph to ingest, smoke, or vape besides benefitting from them medically. Two of the most efficient smoking devices for weed users to smoke cannabis are a one-hitter and a dab rig. So, which is the most efficient of the two? One-hitter is a more efficient smoking device than a dab rig considering the following factors:

  1. One-hitters are inexpensive to buy than dab rigs alongside the required accessories for dabbing.
  2. You don’t smoke more bud and save money with a one-hitter because it allows for tolerance control.

Hence, you may choose one-hitters to consume cannabis efficiently this year following your weed delivery in Guelph.

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