Encouraging Children To Enjoy Gardening!

Gardening is not only a fun time for adults. Many children love gardening and can enjoy a lot of benefits from doing it. Being outside in the fresh air and off their devices, any movement is great for exercise, and they get to learn how to look after living things, and maybe even grow and eat their own vegetables and fruits. If you are excited about having a child join you with your gardening passion you will need to make sure they have tools and gloves made for their hands and make sure they are protected outside wearing a sunhat and We are feel good inc sunscreen.

Why encourage children to garden?

There are many benefits to getting your children, grandchildren, class and so on into gardening. Here are just a few;

  1. It is a very satisfying process, growing something from a seed into a vegetable or fruit you can eat, or into a flower you can enjoy. It boosts their confidence and self-esteem when they know they are capable of doing such a thing.
  2. It is also a great opportunity to teach them about how things grow, where our food comes from, what living plants need to thrive.
  3. As well as learning the science aspect of it, they are also learning responsibility and that carrying out a task to their best ability can be very rewarding.
  4. It is a fun way to get them to interact with you, other adults, and other children.
  5. Once they have learned some basics you have other opportunities for learning, looking at different methods such as hydroponics.
  6. They can learn how to use proper children’s gardening tools such as what is offered by Burgon & Ball and they can read books about what they are growing too.
  7. Gardening can be physical work and it is a great way to keep them in shape and develop strength while they have fun.
  8. A lot of parents nowadays struggle with getting their children outside, enjoying the fresh air rather than being on devices, gardening is a good way to do that.

Being properly equipped is key

Getting the right tools and equipment for them to use is very important and so worth emphasising in this additional section. When children work with adult tools it is harder, they are harder to grip and move and they are heavy. When their hands are hurting they are not going to enjoy it as much. There are toys that are pretend gardening tools, and then there is children sized but proper gardening tools such as those made by Burgon & Ball. They can take pride in their own collection of gardening tools, learn how to properly clean and look after them and store them, and have tools that are made to better fit and suit them.


At the start of the process it will be hard work so keep encouraging them. Make sure they drink plenty, are protected from the sun with We are feel good inc sunscreen and show them the best times for gardening is not when the sun is at its hottest! It will be a learning process but just keep at it!

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