Enrolled Your Children In Quran

Enrolled your children in Quran classes

Reasons To Enrolled Your Children In Quran

One of the most enjoyable spiritual journeys is one through the Holy Quran. All of my questions are answered. Al-Mushaf (The Holy Quran) helps me feel better when I’m in a foul mood. I feel as though Allah has reached me, and it strengthens my faith in Allah and also the Prophet Muhammad. These words are beyond the abilities of any human being. As a result, when you recite the Quran, you can be certain that you are in the existence of Allah, our almighty creator. Here are some reasons why I feel reading the Holy Quran is a good idea for Muslims, regardless of whether or not you agree with my views.

To bring Islam to the world, Allah declares that he directed Muhammad throughout his life in an Ayah. Here, Allah has given us the Holy Quran to help us daily. We all become lost and need guidance from time to time. Fortunately, the Holy Quran provides us with a wealth of wisdom and guidance in the form of signs, sayings from the past, and principles to assist us in navigating our way through life.

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The Quran brings comfort and mercy to your soul:

The mending and mercy that Allah has sent down via the Quran are for the faithful, but the evildoers only suffer loss as a result of it. I’ve always believed that learning to forgive oneself is part of Allah’s compassion. Allah is kind and forgiving. His grace covers everything. By moving back and forth between his verses, you will understand what it takes to make him happy, which will allow you to continue with your existence.

The Quran takes you out of the shadows:

The Quran is a scripture that Allah gave to Muhammad so that he may guide the human race to the pathway of the All-Powerful, the Praiseworthy, by His permission. The further you learn about Allah’s wisdom in the Holy Quran, the more significant your life becomes. To assist us in making the most of this life and preparing for the afterlife, Allah has given us a treasure (the Holy Quran), so why should we waste this opportunity? Read to Understand the Quran.

The stories of the prophets, as well as the messengers of Allah, can teach you a lot:

There was surely a lesson to be learned from their tales. To those who understand, the Qur’an is a book that provides guidance and kindness, as well as confirmation of what came before it and an exhaustive explanation of everything.

The Holy Quran is replete with narratives about the prophets & messengers of Allah and the people who lived in the time of those prophets and messengers. The majority of the stories focus on the difficulties they faced and the difficult choices they had to undertake, as well as their pleas to Allah and the answers they received. As a result of reading these stories, you will understand the lessons of our ancestors and the consequences of your actions based on these enlightening tales.

It’s Sunnah

One of the greatest things a Muslim can do is continue in our Prophet Muhammad’s footsteps. Following him through understanding and studying the Holy Quran increases your proportion of good acts and brings you closer to Allah, just as he did.

It serves as a path to the afterlife.

When you study the Holy Quran and pray with it (particularly as supplementary worship), Allah will honor you and elevate your place in heaven, as stated in multiple Ayahs.

Studying the Quran will keep you safe on the Day of Judgment.

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) remarked that if we memorize the Quran, it will act as an advocate for its reciters on the Day of Resurrection, according to Abu Umamah (may Allah be pleased with him). In the afterlife, if you study the Holy Quran, it will protect you regardless of any mistakes you may have made, according to the Hadith (of course, if you quitted asked Allah for his forgiveness).

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