Expert Guidelines to Identify Red Flags in a Potential Long Term Partner

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Relationships can be extremely complex and stressful if your partner is not catering to your basic expectations. Relationships need a lot of good intentions and solid efforts to translate into something special and long-lasting. It is the effort of both the partners that will eventually make it work. Therefore, before making up your mind to consider going for the long haul make sure you are not sailing a one-sided boat. Without placing any expectations and being as logical as possible, which is quite difficult as far as matters of the heart are concerned, here is a list of guidelines that you must definitely consult.

Unexplained Haste

The unwritten rule of every relationship is to let it go with the flow. The more organic a relationship trajectory is, the better it is. If your partner tries to go down that road too quickly you are either their rebound or they are potential malignant narcissists. If you get the slightest hint of any such thing, back off and save yourself as soon as possible. Dating people who just think about themselves in a relationship is a big turn-off.

While meeting at the singles event in Sydney, if your potential partner is in haste and is not paying attention to what is important to you do not go ahead with the date. Relationships do not ask for accommodation all the time. One needs to be natural in order to be happy and compromise is no way to do that.

Presenting All Exes in a Very Bad Way

Breaking a relationship with anyone is never a pleasant experience. But again it takes two people to move a relationship forward and be the reason for happiness for each other. Dating agencies in Sydney believe that a person blaming every negative thing about their previous relationships on their exes is a huge red flag. It is not always the “other” person’s fault, but your present partner blaming everyone except themself is a red flag. A person who does not think rationally will not even think of taking any efforts for the sustenance or betterment of any relationship with anyone. They are just full of themselves.

Is Disrespectful

People who are full of themselves and believe that they are always right are the most dangerous people to date not to speak of being potential serious relationship partners. It is an extremely bad situation if the person you are dating is disrespectful to everyone without the slightest consideration of the other person’s emotions. Having no empathy and being unable to accept one’s faults can drive the partner crazy in no time. Never go ahead with a person who shows very little respect towards people.

Has Trust Issues

You are just entering the initial phases of a new relationship and have no obligations and are enjoying this phase without overthinking but you are getting those signals that this person is too possessive and does not trust your motives and your actions. This can be a major problem in the course of any relationship for every person needs to be heard, trusted, and understood. What makes a relationship work is an unlimited trust and loyalty. Leave this person as soon as you realize that they have trust issues.

Denying or Hiding the Relationship Publically

 A person who does not acknowledge your relationship publicly and tries to hide your relationship status is someone to be left the moment you confirm such a trait.

Investing emotionally in someone who does not cater to your expectations is always a bad idea. Always follow these basic guidelines to avoid any heartbreak. 

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