Few Tips to Raise Your Salary with Cisco Certifications

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The IT industry is a dynamic one, but you can make a significant difference with the proper certifications along with some work experience. When you have these sorted, increased incentive comes easily. Hence, beginners, as well as professionals, need to know about the correct certification courses and what these can do to your professional portfolios. 

A rapidly evolving field like IT has a severe gap of skilled workforce. Every year new services and products become an integral part of the operations, impacting candidates’ ability to contribute constructively. 

Securing relevant certifications help professionals learn about these dynamic tools and methodologies. IT qualifications like Cisco certification give you an edge over other competitors contending for the same job. 

Experienced IT candidates also benefit from such certifications in terms of their salaries. Especially for networking engineers and architects, getting a Cisco certification is a great advantage.

What is Cisco Certification?

Cisco certification is one of the most acknowledged and popular IT credentials. It becomes an advantage to any person looking to boost their networking knowledge, including a plethora of other domains. If you have a Cisco certification on your CV, it is bound to grab the recruiter’s attention. 

Higher levels of Cisco certification will help raise your salary and provide you with better job opportunities. Professionals with this certification are among the highest earners in the field.

How to Begin with Cisco Certifications? 

If you are an IT fresher or an experienced professional, you can begin with the associate level certification. However, for the entry-level, Cisco also has a certification course – Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) certification. 

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification for the associate level has two ways for achieving the certification:

  • If you have enough years of experience, you have to appear for only one CCNA exam: 640-802 CCNA. 
  • Or candidates with minimal experience are suggested to take two exams: 640-822 ICND1 and 640-813 ICND2.

Having a CCNA certification is an essential prerequisite for all other Cisco certifications. Depending on your interest in the field, you can choose from various CCNA courses like Voice, Security and Wireless. There is also the CCNA Routing and Switching certification. It helps you prepare for the foundational technologies and the relevant expertise required to implement advanced technologies.

The CCNA Security certification offers skills to build a security infrastructure and identify vulnerabilities and threats in the network. The average CCNA certification cost in India ranges around USD 300.

Advanced Level Cisco Certifications:

Cisco also offers specialized and expert level certifications such as CCNP, CCDP and CCIE. Professionals in networking have high demand all through the tech sector, and likewise, the CCNP income levels are high.

The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification has several specializations like Security, Cloud and Routing and Switching. Each course has progressive and up to date information on the sector. In addition, a CCNP Security certification will provide you with expertise regarding security solutions.

Expert Level Cisco Certifications:

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification is an internationally recognized certification. CCIE includes the most critical and up-to-the-minute insights on the currently most diligent networking skills.

Like CCNA and CCNP, this also has specialized courses like Data Center, Security and Wireless. Professionals with this certification can plan, troubleshoot, execute and build complicated networking infrastructures. CCIE certification is undoubtedly going to fetch you a six-figure salary. 

For a better understanding of certifications by Cisco, here’s a detailed chart:

Security CCENTSecurity CCNE Security CCNP Security CCIE 
Routing and switchingCCENTCCNACCNPCCIE Routing and Switching
Voice CCENTVoice CCNA Voice CCNP Voice CCIE
WirelessCCENTWireless CCNA Wireless CCNP Wireless CCIE 
Storage NetworkingCCENTCCNACCNPStorage Networking CCIE 

Therefore, you need to select the right Cisco certification. You can also attempt to achieve as many certifications as you can till the time they are pertinent to your sector. The IT industry has a huge requirement for skilled professionals, and these certifications will make your CV more impressive and fetch you a better salary. 

Investments in these certifications and your hard work will undoubtedly reap satisfying benefits in the future. No matter you are a working professional or a fresher, Cisco certifications will be a game-changer!

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