Finding a Criminal Lawyer

If you are facing getting caught up in a criminal case of any kind you need to find a Melbourne lawyer with skill and experience in this area of the law. You would not call your divorce or family lawyer for a criminal case. Criminal law has its own complexities and you need a lawyer of high calibre and a good reputation. It can be the difference between being free or having to do time, and how much time that might amount to. Anyone facing charges or potential charges of a criminal offence should seek the help of a good criminal lawyer. But in order to do that you need to find one. When you have the time to make a good choice by doing some research here are some things to think about.

Considerations for finding and deciding upon a criminal lawyer

Here are just a few things to keep in mind.

1) Do they have a good amount of experience in the area you need them to? A newly qualified criminal lawyer is licensed to practice but lacking experience may not perform as well as the best criminal lawyers Melbourne has, who have experience. General experience in criminal law is great, specific experience with the area of criminal law you are facing is even better. The best option is someone with a long career that has had a lot of success for their clients.   

2) Having the right expertise is also important. As well as having the experience you want a criminal lawyer with expertise and skill too! You can judge this from their past cases and success rates, from what other clients have to say about them and from talking with them about your specific case. They should know their way around criminal law, have experience with going to court and be able to talk about the law in a way you understand.   

3) Only hire someone you feel comfortable with. You are going to have to talk about some very personal things and this means you need to trust your Melbourne lawyer and feel comfortable with them. The last thing you should do is hide things from your lawyer because you feel uncomfortable. It is the only way you are going to function as a team during the case. Having a positive professional relationship with your lawyer is a good thing.

4) What kind of reputation do they have in the legal world? It was a lot harder to check things like this even just 15 years ago but now there is so much you can learn just going online. Check local bar associations, look at what referrals and past clients have to say by checking reviews and see if any independent sites include any information about them.  

Summary When you want the best criminal lawyers Melbourne has then you need skill, experience, great reputations, and someone you can talk to and trust! The best you can find and afford, the more chance of a fair trial.

Bio – McNally & Gleeson Lawyers is a leading Melbourne criminal law firm. Established in 1994, and formally Michael J Gleeson & Associates, we specialise in all police and criminal matters and pride ourselves on our persevering commitment to our clients. We represent our clients in police and criminal charges from bail applications through to plea hearings, contested criminal trials and final appeals.

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