Finding A Full-Service Home Renovation Company

One of the most important rooms in a home is the bathroom. If you have an old one or a really outdated one you want to make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing. The bathroom gets renovated more often than most other rooms because it is so well used by everyone in the house and those visiting. In order to achieve the kind of bathroom you love and are excited about you need to think about remodelling and renovations and which full-service home renovation company in Freehold NJ you want to use to achieve your dream bathroom.

Consider your existing bathroom structure and plumbing

At first, you might think that you can renovate your bathroom however you want to, as long as you have the budget the skills of a top full-service remodeler in Freehold NJ then the sky is the limit right? But in fact, while there are some things that are completely up to you, you will need to consider the size of the room, and its layout and plumbing structure.

While it is possible to move things around if you want the shower in a different place or the toilet on a different wall, this takes more work and a professional licensed plumber. This will cost more from the budget too. If you have renovations but keep things in the same places enough so that the existing plumbing does not have to be moved it is an easier and cheaper job. Either way, it is important to make sure your renovation experts coordinate with the plumber to make sure the project is completely successful. Having anyone work on your plumbing who is not licensed to do so means it will fail any inspection and the home is harder to sell.

Make sure the contractor and licensed plumber work together

Sometimes when you hire a full-service home renovation company in Freehold NJ it means you get everything you need with the one company. They have or bring the necessary plumbers, electricians and so on to handle all the specialized work that might be happening. This is a chance to get your bathroom in the best shape. With it being stripped down you can have a plumber check it out and make sure everything is great before putting things back in. The better you look after your plumbing now the longer it will last and it saves you money too. You can look at the final product known that what is hidden is in as good a shape as what you are admiring.


Whether you are hoping for just a bit of a spruce up or you want to gut and do a complete overhaul, a top of their field full-service remodeler in Freehold NJ can help. Look online to get a few names, ask people you know who have had recent work that looks great, and then start narrowing down the list with their skill, experience and reviews. Renovation work is always done best by professionals.

Bio – Since 1980, T&K Contractors has been an industry leader in residential and commercial construction.

Kitchens, Master Suites, Additions, Baths, Whole-House Remodels and more…. You’ll Love the T&K Difference

Most homeowners will be able to get more for their remodeling investment by using the Design/Build method. T&K has taken the Design/Build method and improved it, creating what we call Design/Build Plus.

The Design/Build process provides you with the convenience and single-source accountability of working with one single company to design and build your entire project. This method eliminates communications problems that often pop up between an architect and the construction company that leave you in the middle, often having to pay more to one or both of them to solve the problem. There are many more benefits to Design/Build remodeling, and we are proud to have been one of the first remodelers in the area to offer this type of service.

T&K’s Design/Build Plus provides you all the benefits of the Design/Build method, but we also provide you with professional guidance for product selection, the option of interior design services (not part of the normal “Design/ Build” process), superior client service, experienced project management, and all the other benefits of the T&K Difference.

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