How to Fix a Clogged Vape Cartridge?

Clogged Vape Cartridge

It’s the end of a long day, and you’re trying to relax. You reach for your CBD vape cartridge, but it won’t work. The battery is charged, and all the lights are blinking, but when you inhale, nothing happens. Usually, this occurs when the vape cartridge is clogged. But how can you fix this issue? Read on to find out.

Things you should know before attempting to fix your clogged vape cartridge. 

CBD oil is thick, similar to molasses or honey. CBD vape oil cartridges tend to become clogged, especially when CBD is in high concentration. Those CBD users who complain about their CBD cartridge being too thick and not working well seem to be using very potent CBD. Many things can cause your best vape pens to stop functioning correctly, such as overfilling the tank or leaving it empty.

Fixing a clogged vape cartridge

  1. Use a hairdryer to heat the vape cartridge and loosen the clog.

This procedure requires you to:

  • Turn on the hairdryer and aim it at your CBD vape cartridge.
  • Hold this in place for ten seconds, then take a few puffs off of the pen. If there is still no smoke produced, hold down for another five to ten seconds before taking more puffs.
  • Keep repeating this process until you can produce smoke.

A clogged vape cartridge will not hold any liquid, so there should be no risk of burning the CBD oil. Just make sure you do not heat your CBD vape cartridge for too long, or it may damage the pen and render it useless.

You might need a new CBD vape cartridge if this method doesn’t work. CBD cartridge issues are common, but this simple trick should help you fix your clogged CBD vape pen

  1. Push a pin or needle into the opening of your vape cartridge. 

If you have a CBD cartridge, do this act until the oil starts to pool into the opening. Alternatively, if you have a CBD vape pen, soak the tip of your cartridge in CBD oil. The climax of this unclogging procedure for vape cartridges is when you feel it dripping onto your lips when you inhale.

  1. Pour boiling water over your vape cartridge for five minutes.

You should pour the boiling water over the vape cartridge for a good five minutes. This process will allow you to get rid of any impurities that have accumulated in your CBD vaporizer. With this method, you get some more material after removing all excess oil from your vape pen.

  1. Take apart your pen with pliers and clean it with rubbing alcohol or soap and water. 

By doing this, you can clean it from any burnt materials that may have been left over. Thereby unclogging the CBD cartridge and increasing its life.

When it’s time to call the professionals and let them handle it

It’s sometimes a good idea to bring in the pros, but there are several things that CBD vape users can try at home before they resort to calling an expert. For example: Sometimes it helps if you use different cartridges or buy CBD oil from another supplier. Also, be sure to check for damage on your cartridge.

CBD vape users who use cartridges with glass tanks should be extra careful because these can’t always take the heat. If you’ve tried all of this and your CBD cartridge is still clogged, then it’s time to call a professional for help!


There’s nothing worse than trying to use a CBD oil vaporizer that isn’t working correctly. This can be incredibly frustrating when it happens on the last day of vacation or after an important meeting at work. CBD oil cartridges are usually clogged by the time they get to customers, but it is possible to resolve this issue without having to buy a new cartridge or vape pen every time something goes wrong with your CBD e-juice device.

By following these steps on how to fix a CBD vape cartridge that isn’t working correctly, you will be able to clear out the CBD oil cartridge in no time. Additionally, by taking care of your CBD vape pen like this, you can extend its life and make it work for months or even years after receiving it.

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