Fixing QuickBooks Error 9999 using Different Methods

QuickBooks Online Error 9999 shows up when you attempt to renew your bank info. Since it’s a banking error, it causes tons of other issues for users. A possible cause for this error could be an unreliable installation of QB or a discrepancy in the Windows registry. In this post, we’ll examine the causes and signs that are causing “QB Online Error 9999”. In addition, we will offer you a variety of solutions to correct the error immediately.

What Causes Error Code 9999 in Quickbooks?

  • The primary cause is the problem with the internet connection. If your internet connection is low and is not functioning properly, then you may be prone to having this error.
  • In the process of connecting your bank’s account to the Intuit server, you might receive the error message 9999.
  • The configuration of the firewall may cause problems in the process, leading to errors such as Quickbooks error 9999 
  • Also, the antivirus or malware attack also creates this issue.  
  • Stored cookies in the system also pop up this error. 

Steps to Repair QuickBooks Online Error 9999

You can eliminate error 9999 using simple troubleshooting procedures which we have provided below. We suggest that you take each step in the instructions to cut down on time and energy.

Solution 1: Removing All Unwanted Websites

Some sites you visit might be in conflict with your bank’s account. In turn, they hinder your access to the bank’s website. In this case, follow these steps:

  • Open “Internet Explorer”.
  • Navigate to “Favorites”.  
  • Tap on “Filter” after checking your history.
  • Now, tap right and press “Delete”.  

Once you’ve removed the unneeded websites from your list, you’ll be able to access the bank’s website. If the site is still causing issues or showing Quickbooks error 9999 then ensure that your Windows registry is not damaged.

Solution 2: Link Quickbooks Online

  • The process begins by deleting your account that is currently in use.  
  • Click “Edit”.  
  • Thereafter, tap on “Edit Account Info”.  
  • Go to “Disconnect Account”.
  • Thereafter hit “Save and Close”.  
  • Following the above steps, return to your dashboard, then renew the link.
  • After that, go back to the QBO account and join it.  
  • Finally, you’ll be able to view your most recent transactions in your QBO account.  

Solution 3: Fixing the Registry File

  • Firstly, tap on “Start”. 
  • Within the search bar, type “Command”.
  • Click and keep pressing “Ctrl + Shift”.
  • Push “Enter” together.  
  • Tap “Yes” after a permission dialog box pops up.  
  • Then, the cursor begins blinking, and a black square appears on the screen.  
  • There, type “Regedit”.  
  • Press “Enter”.  
  • Choose “Error 9999”.  
  • Navigate to”File”.
  • Choose”Export”.
  • Save the key backup by writing it in the file’s name.
  • Click “Save”.  
  • The user should ensure it is the correct extension “.Reg” of the file.  
  • In the end, you will receive a copy of the Registry entry for the QB.  

Solution 4: Linking QuickBooks Online

Another strategy to get rid of Quickbooks Error 9999 is linking the software online.

  • Uninstall the first account you are having.
  • Now click “Edit”.
  • Select “Edit Account Info”.  
  • Thereafter, tap on “Disconnect Account”.
  • Now choose “Saving and Close”.
  • Return to the homepage and update the link.  
  • Go back to your account and connect to it from there.  
  • The latest transactions will be visible to you on the QBO account.

Solution 5: Log in with the Web Browser

For security reasons, the bank login process requires additional security verification. Steps for that are:

  • Open “Web Browser”.  
  • Thereafter, visit a website for banking.  
  • Now provide login credentials.  
  • Fill in the answers attentively.  
  • Provide the OTP.  
  • Try adding transactions or feeds once more.  

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Solution 6: Firewall Settings Configuration

This method can be a real fix for your QuickBooks Online Error 9999 but only if you comprehend the steps carefully.

  • Firstly, start the browser.  
  • Click on “Tools”.  
  • Now hover to “Firewall Settings”.  
  • In your firewall’s settings select the option “Exceptions.  
  • Include the following exceptions into the Firewall:  
  • Qbupdate.exe  
  • QBW32.exe  

This step also repairs Com Error Quickbooks 2017 easily.

Final Words

This guide will not only aid you to repair the Quickbooks error 9999 but also inform you why it occurs. After these solutions are applied properly, the error will not trouble users anymore.

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