Gift ideas for the novice photographer

We all started out in something at one time or another and we have to admit that this is the funniest part of photography, when we discover absolutely everything about the still image. Each of the steps that we take surprises, even if we do not quite master the accessories. This is the reason why we offer you this selection of the most beautiful gifts for beginner photographer, to know what you will be able to offer to this person of your entourage who launches out in photography.

Gradually understanding basic concepts such as depth of field or exposure, trying to control the aperture of the diaphragm, shutter speed or even ISO sensitivity yourself, are all visible symptoms of this new addiction. is the photo.

Then come hundreds of artist references, snapshots, exhibitions, tips and tricks, tips, techniques, etc. The imagination and the desire to learn and improve will crescendo. We go to discover new accessories, we want to know everything about photo equipment: on lenses, cameras, filters, etc.

Considering all of this, what could be some goodies for the novice photographer that cannot be missing in his equipment?

5 dream gifts for the novice photographer

To develop this selection, we have thought of all those basic accessories that we buy for the first time and which are of great use. For those who have just bought their first camera or who have recently had one, here are 5 accessories that are ideal to complete the said device and its lens, and thus start to make your first steps in the world of photography. Some must have all the novices will appreciate. As for you, with a tailor-made gift, you will hit the mark!

Versatile lenses, no more limits

Often when buying a camera, a parfocal lens with an intermediate focal length of 18-35 mm is included. However, these parfocal lenses don’t let you get the most out of your camera or your own craftsmanship, so the first thing to consider, once you know how to use your camera, is to switch lenses. This way you will be able to develop and improve your technique.

We recommend the DZOFilm parfocal lens, an all terrain and super versatile lens as it can go from wide angle to telephoto in seconds. In other words, you will be able to practice disciplines as varied as landscape, nature, architecture and even sports or bird photography.

The tripod for long exposure photos

The tripod is one of the basic accessories that you must absolutely include with your camera equipment when you are just starting out. An essential tool which, once mastered, opens up a universe of possibilities, including extended exposure photography.

The fact of being able to count on a tripod makes it possible to take shots at slower shutter speeds (without the image coming out blurry) and thus obtain very creative effects and, why not, to rub shoulders with techniques such as lightpainting, with steel wool, for example. You can take photos at night, capture the moving lights of cars in the city, the stars in the countryside, the circular motion of a ferris wheel, the water of a waterfall, draw with light or just capture the contrast between a movement and what remains motionless, such as people passing in front of a building.

That’s why a tripod can be the perfect gift for any budding photographer. In this case, we recommend several tripods. Depending on the photographic technique in which you want to illustrate yourself, one or the other will be more useful to you for the characteristics it presents.

The first photo backpack

Another need to cover when immersing yourself in the world of photography is the transport of equipment in good conditions. We quickly discover that an ordinary bag or backpack is not the best choice: we need a padded interior divided into compartments, as well as special pockets to store the smallest accessories, such as cards. memory.

The famous screw-in filters

Another accessory generally chosen to start complementing equipment is a photo filter. The first filter par excellence is the famous UV filter or protective filter. In addition to blocking the entry of ultraviolet light, this filter effectively protects the front part of your lens. It prevents the formation of scratches on the lens, it also protects it from splashes and when shocks are felt, we are happy to have it because it is always better to have to change the filter than the lens.

Surely you must have heard of the polarizing filter before too. It is used to improve image quality, especially in very bright landscapes. Indeed, it is able to bring out the blue of the sky, to generate better contrasts and it also eliminates the reflections on the glass, windows in particular. You will finally be able to shoot through a window glass and produce the best results.

As for neutral density filters, finally, know that it is a tool of a more professional level but as soon as you understand how they work, you will not be able to do without them. They will be fantastic for resorting to long exposure times and producing creative highlights like the silky effect of water.

And to get them all at the same time while saving money, and without sacrificing quality, we offer you this kit. More economical than buying the basic filters separately.

The cobra flash

All novice photographers experiment with things with their camera while neglecting an essential element of this noble art that is photography: light. Photography is light and it is for this reason that it is absolutely necessary to master it to succeed in your photos. And what better way to tame the light than with a hot shoe flash? This is a compact accessory that offers lots of possibilities.

During this stage, the desire to learn and enthusiasm predominate. Even if nothing is essential, giving away the perfect photo prop can be a big help, even the nicest surprise for Christmas or any other occasion. 

Based on this thinking, we submit all these suggestions to you in case you want to give the best gift to a novice photographer. Gifts that help you progress, experience and enjoy photography even more.

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By Michael Caine

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