Gigabit Ethernet ports

Gigabit Ethernet ports

8 PoE+ ports that have 60W of power and are expandable to up to 123W (with additional Power supply modules)

Simple plug-and-play setup, no installation of software or configuration required

These switches are known as “Power over Ethernet” switches and, as the name implies, they also provide electric power to devices connected.

PoE switches can be very helpful to charge remote devices that do not have power sources like IP phones and remote WiFi routers. wireless Access Points, etc.

Thus it is true that a PoE switch can provide both connectivities to the network (with gigabit port) and electrical power via an identical physical port.

Use Cases

If you own end-point devices (such as IP phones wireless access points, etc) which are not connected to an electrical source (e.g in the ceiling, or on remote desks, etc.) then you could connect them to a PoE switch, which will charge the devices in conjunction with connecting to your network.

So, you need to connect a network Ethernet cable, without having to think about the power supply to your device.

Switches equipped with Optical Fiber Ports

The most used switches have an RJ45 port, which connects to an Ethernet cable (Cat 5, Cat 6 and Cat 7 and Cat 7). The majority of switches have RJ45 ports.

switch that has optical ports for SFP

In many instances, you’ll need fiber optic cables to connect to greater distances than the 100-meter limitation of standard Ethernet cables.

Switches equipped with Optical Fiber ports are generally equipped with a mixture of RJ45 ports, as well as additional fiber optic ports to connect with fiber cable. The ports that are optical are referred to as SFP ports (Small-Form Factor pluggable). The picture above shows the switch which has numerous RJ45 ports as well as four optical ports SFP to the left of the device.

Usually, fiber optic ports will be utilized to connect to distant switches in that same structure (on different floors for instance) or in buildings that are located several kilometers. Check out rack server price in india

The benefit of fiber cable in comparison to the standard Cat 6/7 cables is the fact that it is able to operate over long distances, as opposed to the 100-meter limit for cat6/7 cables.

Use Cases

If you’re looking to connect multiple switches across long distances, you should choose a switch equipped with Fiber Optic (SFP) ports.

Let’s now distinguish switches based on their management software and capabilities. The following categories are available:

Unmanaged Switches

NETGEAR 16-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS316) – Desktop or Wall Mount, Silent Operation

3,842 Reviews

NETGEAR 16-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS316) – Desktop or Wall Mount, Silent Operation

16 Gigabit Ethernet ports

Easy plug-and-play configuration with no software installation or configuration required

It can be used for wall or desktop installation

Usually, low-end SOHO switches (i.e designed for “Small Office Home Office” environments) are not managed switches. That means that you can turn them on and plug them in.

There isn’t any management interface that can be accessed via a Graphical user interface or Command-line that can be used to set up any aspect of the cisco 800 series router switch.

They are only used to connect devices on the same VLAN, and to provide Layer2 connections to hosts.

Use Cases

Home networks and small offices that do not require fancy features for networks, i.e in cases where there is only an adapter to connect some networking devices (such as computer desktops, network printers and WiFi routers, etc.).

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